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5 Ways How Technology Changing the Future of Music Concerts

Technology in music concerts

Since the last 2 decades, music concert attendees have witnessed much change in event technology. In the beginning days of music concerts, singers were performing with ordinary musical instruments and managements were using typical mics and speakers. But with the passage time, we saw a massive concert advancements from both organizers and participants.

The use of better technology is not assisting the concert managers and singers in improving voice quality, but it is also transforming the face of the music industry. On the other hand, if we talk about live events, then technology simplifies the work and enhances the profit by impressing the audience in live music concerts.

Hence, performers, singers and concert organizers are using different kinds of technologies are using at music concerts and a few significant ones, we are going to discuss here. However, we are not only going to cover the current concert technologies but will also analyze how technology will change the music concerts in future. Here we go:

Facial Recognition

The facial recognition technology entered in IT world to address different purposes but concert mangers found it instrumental in covering the security issues at music concerts. This technology is not only useful to recognize the identity of participants, but the departure and arrival timings of visitors could also be found with facial recognition technology with great ease. As we know, security is always the primary concern for every event that’s why facial recognition is beneficial to recognize the person who is previously involved in criminal activities.

On the other hand, this technology is also helpful to observe the behaviour of the people during the concert or when they leave the venue. It could be useful to identify the average number of visitors who left the concert with a positive or negative attitude. Facial expressions show the feelings of human beings so, organizers need to know the engagement of participants in concert and what kind of changes do they need for better results in upcoming events.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is one of the most useful technologies in the advanced world. First of all, for our readers’ ease, we are defining the augmented reality below:

“Augmented reality is actually a virtual representation of real-world objects that is helpful for the interaction of the person who is far away from that place.”

The people who love music will never want to miss a concert of their favourite singer even the show is far away from the individual’s location. Here this technology is helpful to connect you to the real world with intangible emotional connections. This technology helps the performers in the way that they do not need to move to certain places when they launched applications for music concerts.

Easy accessibility helps the participants to enjoy the event without going to the actual location, and it is also helpful for the organizers to get a response from the people of the whole world through social media rating, etc. This is also helpful for the performer to get fame all across the world through augmented reality technology. To improve the AR experience, applications are also providing excellent support to event organizers. This is one of the most useful techniques that can change the future of music concerts.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is a critical term in the world of computer sciences, but it is playing a decisive role to make great leaps in the music industry as well. This technology can be used to get the participants’ reviews about music and then the AI algorithms can be helpful to predict that which kind of music will get the most likeliness from the listeners in the nest concert.

In Artificial Intelligence, there is an accuracy rate about the prediction that is never 100%, and it is excellent if the accuracy rate is above 90%. The machines can be created with AI algorithms for generating the music that will provide the best response from the listeners in the future. The user experience is always the priority for the organizers and the performer in a music concert, and this technology is the best option to get the best response from people in music concerts.


Drones are always used to cover different types of events using the latest cameras for better video coverage. The technology of drones can also be enhanced with facial recognition embedded systems, etc. to get more useful outputs from the drones. Ultra HD results of drones can be helpful to identify people and much beneficial for better security plans. Drones can be helpful to change the future of music concerts by enhancing their embedded system. AI technology can also merge with drones to identify any suspicious activity in the event. So, if drones find any activity like this, they will alert the security teams to take actions against such people.

Yes, drones have already become a part of the media industry. In the coverage of the significant political events, music concerts and sports transmissions, managements are using drones. In several music concerts in California, Texas, Canada, even the Asian countries, I witnessed the use of drones.

Mobile Applications for Events

In the same token, as a concert bee, you can’t ignore the role of mobile applications in the promotions of music concerts. Mobile apps are being built by different organizations to move their business and organizations to the digital world. People are also more likely to register their events online through digital media without moving to any location. It helps them to register themselves on different events remotely.

This can also be a good medium for the organizers to display information and schedule about the events that are going to be held in the future. Mobile applications can merge with Augmented Reality for users who cannot visit the location physically.

Concert managers can also use mobile apps to show the statistics about the events, and it will be helpful to show the predictions through graphical representation. The organizers can easily understand the statistics about different events through graphs and charts that mobile applications offer. Mobile application technology is useful for getting the data of users to send the invitation to upcoming events near them. Promotion & advertisements are also done through mobile applications because digital marketing is one of the best options for users to attract the audience towards their events or music concerts.

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