5 Ways Businesses Can Use Technology Tools To Attract Customers And Increase Sales

Technology is changing the way we do business. Customers rely on technology tools to lead them the right products and services. Startup founders, on the other hand, have to work hard to remain visible both online and offline. What’s more, businesses must provide top-notch round-the-clock customer service, else, their clients will walk away with their money.

Most entrepreneurs and startups are adjusting to the changing business climate. Thanks to AI-powered call center tools and collaboration apps, successful business owners are making sales and meeting the growing demands of the customer. Big data, current statistics and new sales tools are often utilized in the crafting of marketing strategies.

Simply put, you can’t attract customers and boost sales if you aren’t using the right technology tools. As every successful CEO will tell you, sales are driven by well-laid plans and correctly automated customer support and marketing strategies.

In this article, we will outline and enumerate the various ways you can use tech tools to boost business growth, profit and productivity.

Offer Excellent End-User Support To Customers

If you are selling a tech product, customers will beckon on you to resolve problems that are related to your product. This means that you have to show empathy and understanding, irrespective of distance and time difference. You have to connect to their screens and try to address the customer’s problems.

You can accomplish this feat with the assistance of collaboration tools such as Skype, team viewer and Microsoft Lync. Sometimes, you might notice that there was no problem and that they just didn’t understand how the product worked. Use that opportunity to onboard the customer and strengthen customer loyalty. Boosting customer success drives sales and profit.

Don’t hesitate to set up a call center. You might need all those tools to provide impressive end-user support. Big brands have a strong customer base because they have mastered the art of providing awesome customer experience centers.

Tech Tools Give Customers Easy Round-the-Clock Access To Information and Customer Care Services.

Your customers live in a fast-paced, tech-savvy world; they want everything done quickly. No delays. And if they have inquiries about your products and services, they expect that you’ll be there to answer immediately. Yes, this means that your call center tools have to be top-notch.

Most businesses used to rely on call center technology providers to handle that aspect of customer service. But even that isn’t enough. AI-powered tools are changing customer service, as we know it.  With chatbots and conversational AI in the picture, customers can get information with the click of a button. Integrating the right contact center tools makes a world of difference.

Windows, Google and IOS Apps also make it easier for customers to interact with your business and to find information whenever they have queries or complaints. To attract customers and increase sales, use tech tools to make information easily assessable.

Improves Communication and Collaboration With Existing And Potential Customers

Communication is easier now that we have social media and other collaboration tools. Businesses use these tools to discuss updates and new policies.

This way customers feel comfortable with the brand. They know what new products and service are underway, and they have a sense of the costs, the new features and more. If there are deals and offers, your customers are the first to know because you send them newsletters, tweets, Instagram stories and Youtube ads.

Businesses also have webinars and video conferences with their customers. These meet-ups increase brand loyalty and attract new clients. It is also common to see brands collaborating with communities to provide social services in marginalized communities.

Popular collaborative tools include Slack, Skype, Time Doctor, Google Apps, Facebook and so on.

You Can Share Business Solutions

Products are never perfect. They are always been improved upon. When something goes wrong you’re your products and angry customers are screaming on social media, you can remedy things.

One step you can take is to show remorse for the problems. Secondly, you can announce a solution. Explain what might have gone wrong. And let them know that you have found a solution.

If the problem is software related, you can announce the release of an update patch. Tell customers how they can download and install these updates

If the problem is hardware-related, you can allow customers to swap their old products for new ones. When Boeing 737 began to have serious engine failure problems, governments and their citizens were upset.

The Latest Tech News reported about the backlash after several customers had died because this new plane kept crashing and killing all its occupants. After a while, a few executives rendered a public apology and announced a solution via a wide range of technology tools. Customers’ fears were allayed and the company was back in business again.

Whether you’re running a big or small business, the onus is on you to take advantage of tech tools to communicate solutions to your customers. Let them know that you are working tirelessly to improve on the quality of your products and services.

Provide Services That Your Competitors Have Overlooked

The secret to attracting customers and increasing sales is this: find a need that no one is attending to and try to meet that need. For instance, search engines are neglecting a section of the population that doesn’t understand English. This means that you can build a web platform or a mobile app that satisfies this unmet need.

Final thoughts:

Many successful brands, if not the majority of them all, are utilizing technology tools to boost customer service and increase sales. Modern market strategies are consolidated via communication and collaboration tools. AI streamlines the process of information dissemination.

Do you use tech tools to drive business growth and increase sales?  What has your experience been? As a customer, have you found AI and self-service software helpful? Please share your comments below.

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