Logo Design Trends: 6 Designs To Make Your Brand Visible

Having a simple yet interesting company logo is essential to make brand identity and attract customers towards the brand. Professional marketers understand the value of a professional logo design that helps in making the brand recognizable for the audience. However, being an entrepreneur, the most difficult task that you might have faced is choosing a perfect logo to represent your company.

Whether you are a designer or you are working with a professional to design a logo, you must stay on top of the latest logo design trends. No matter the medium, understanding the changing design industry and evolving trends keep your work fresh. Experimenting and playing with different styles can make your brand unique and innovative.

So without delay, let’s discuss some of the latest trends in the design industry that cn make your brand visible in the market.

Six amazing design trends

Geometric designs

Geometric shapes can be extremely powerful and memorable symbols. Logos, at its core, are symbols which act as a visual representation of a brand communicating its personality, values, and purpose. Your logo design must be able to describe your brand. The balance of bright colours and geometric shapes produce an attractive mix of trendy yet timeless logo designs. They can be both minimalist and friendly. In the end, your logo ideas must be distinctive to make your brand memorable for the customers.

Responsive logos

Versatility is an important aspect of designing a perfect logo. Whether you print your logo or use it as an icon for your app, you need your logo to be flexible to fit various situations. This kind of designs is called responsive designs.

Bright colours

Colours have a deep psychological impact on the audience. It persuades the audience and influences them to make a purchase. It enables a person to subconsciously make a judgment about the personality of the brand with in the first 10 seconds of interaction with the brand. So make sure you choose the right colour to make a positive impact on your audience.

Negative spaces

What’s more paradoxical than a logo design that is simple and complex at the same time?

Logos that use negative spaces in the most creative way are an excellent way to explore simplistic designs with a twist. Although they have been here for a long time, and by some of the most famous brands such as FedEx and Toblerone use negative space within the designs to hide images, shapes or text adding an element of surprise and sophistication. The element of complexity in the design is what makes the design memorable.

Simple typography

Simple typographic logo designs have always been a part of the trends used over the years. With a clean and memorable presentation, it is easy to understand the typographic professional logo design. Some logos of the typographic typeface can be letter marks, logotype or word mark.

Simple typography can be highly effective in building a memorable brand. However, you must understand that not all brands make a difference. Often designers go an extra mile to get creative with font and personalize the design to make a unique typeface for the brand.

Metallic designs

Metallic designs are worth their weight in gold for logos in the coming years. Whether white gold, shiny golden or luxurious rose gold, you can see the excessive use of the metallic in the years yet to come. The prestige and elegance of metallic design make them versatile and makes a powerful impact on the audience. It can be said that metallic designs are meant for jewelers, but its use in recent years has made it accessible to businesses of all kinds. So provide your business with a luxurious, classic look with metallic designs.


Design trends and styles can offer a great way to breathe life to your brand. Designers are looking for a way to experiment and come up with new trends to make an impact on the audience.

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