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5 Reasons Why San Jose Is the Ideal City for Tech Lovers

San Jose is known around the world for being a great city for tech lovers. This article will explain 5 reasons why the city of San Jose is an excellent choice for someone to live in who loves technology.

Many Technology Companies Were Started Here

Adobe, eBay, and Cisco all started here. The technology boom that occurred with the first expansion of the Internet into the general consumer market in the 1990s focused around Silicon Valley with the city of San Jose as the cultural, political, and economic center. The current headquarters for eBay, Adobe, and Cisco are also in San Jose. There are also many other tech companies with headquarters in San Jose such as Samsung and PayPal.

Technology Salaries in San Jose

Technology salaries in San Jose are the highest in the United States (if not the world) as many companies have their headquarters and want to attract the best employees possible. Average salaries for tech workers in San Jose are twenty-five percent higher than salaries for tech workers in the rest of the United States. Also, there are more management roles in technology in San Jose than in the rest of the United States. According to Glassdoor, workers in San Jose are some of the most content in the United States. Also, the unemployment rate is very low at somewhere between two and three percent, and the number of technology jobs per capita is the highest in the United States.

Weather in San Jose

The weather in San Jose is considered ideal by many tech workers. The weather in San Jose is not very cold like Boston or New York. Nor does the weather reach extremely high temperatures such as those reached in cities such as LA or Austin. Also, San Jose does not have the intense fog of San Francisco. For someone working or interested in technology, there are not many days when it would be uncomfortable for someone to drive to a tech meeting. According to Forbes, San Jose is one of the safest cities in the nation with very little crime in the city.

Tech Scene in San Jose

Many startups are growing in different neighborhoods such as downtown San Jose. A lot of these startups host meetings geared for technology professionals. These meetings are excellent for networking and learning about new technology. The number of tech events on and San Jose in San Jose is the highest in the United States.

Since there are so many different technology companies in the area, there are meetups on every technology and experts available to consult on every area of technology. For example, some of the listed groups for technology in San Jose include Data Science, UX, Entrepreneurs & Startups, and Netflix Open Source Platform.

Many Technology Investors in Area

Not only is San Jose one of the best areas for technology in the country it is also one of the best areas for investment in the country as well. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has its investment business headquarters in San Jose as well as Cisco Investments. There are also many angel investors in San Jose. There are also many investment conferences in San Jose that provide startups with opportunities to raise capital for their businesses.

These five reasons should convince any tech lover that San Jose is one of the best places to live in the United States. If you’re looking to move, there is an excellent company — Suddath long distance movers in San Jose that can help with all moving needs in a move to San Jose.

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