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Tips For a Perfect Postcard Design

Postcards are a great way to attain exposure for your business. They are wildly successful as & have greater ROI. They do not require much capital, to begin with, and are quite effective in brand promotion. They are very economical and ensure high returns.

Unlike other forms of invitations or letters, postcards are quite direct in their approach and get straight to the point. So before designing the postcard, you must be very clear about the purpose of the postcard. Is it about a new product or service that you have launched?

Is the postcard about any new features of a pre-existing service or product? Is the end goal of the postcard is to only generate leads or do the postcards also act as an invite? You need to ask yourself these questions before deciding the design of your postcard.

The purpose of the postcard might vary from person to person, but the steps to create the design and implement the design in postcard printing are the same. To create a perfect design for your postcard printing follows these steps:

Keep it simple

Postcards are always direct, and it is needless to mention that the same principle applies to the design of the postcards too. The design must be very clear of the aim of the postcard and must align itself with it.

If the postcard is intended to inform the viewers about a sale or an upcoming product launch, then it must be in big fonts with loud colour so that it attracts the attention of the viewers, and the message gets clearly pasted on their minds.

Also, internet users’ short attention span is no hidden secret. Nobody on the net is going to read lengthy and boring texts. So keep your message short and crisp. Use fewer words to say more.


The logo of your brand is very important. The position of the logo during postcard printing must be such that the logo is clearly visible. This is done so that whenever the readers view your logo elsewhere, they instantly associate it with your message or brand. This is known as brand recall.

Make sure that you have the logo on both sides of your postcard. You might wonder why we are placing a logo on the back of the postcard. This is because even if your postcard gets discarded, you want people to remember your logo.

Colour combinations

The colour of your postcard is also essential in maintaining the overall quality of your postcard. colours are important to leave an impact on the viewers. Whenever you are thinking of the colour scheme of your postcard, think of the colours used in your other marketing mediums and design your postcards according to those colours. The colours must be in sync with each other, and it is okay if contrasting colours are used.

The colours should also relate to the message you want to convey. You need to find common ground where the colours and the message of your postcard can interact. You may also go with basic colour schemes. There is no harm in doing that. The postcard colours must not always be necessarily loud.


The images used in your postcard must be of high quality. Images used in postcards surely speak volumes about the message. You must use relevant images, though. An all text postcard might come across as too flashy for some users. So using images in place of text is a better alternative.

Following these tips, you can design your perfect postcard. Postcard printing is an art in itself, and every artform is updated with time.

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