5 Popular Courses In Education

Education as we know it is growing more diverse with every passing year. The education system is becoming more inclusive of different learners, but there are more options within the system. Students now have the choice to choose from a diverse range of subjects to further enhance their abilities in the given discipline. One of the hardest decisions for 21st-century learners isn’t to enroll in a degree; it’s choosing one. With a multitude of options laid out in front of them, it’s hard to narrow things down and choose the one that they think suits them best.

Moreover, as each year comes and goes, so does a range of trending subjects. Careers also happen to be trending from time to time. In recent periods, we have seen the rise in popularity of several disciplines that happen to be trendier than others. Within the discipline of education, there are several courses that one can take to further their expertise in the field. Here are some of the most popular courses in education that might pique your interest.

  • Urban/Sub-Urban Education

The education industry will remain one of the fastest-growing and most promising industries of our time. There will almost always be opportunities in the industry, and climbing the ladder won’t take as long as it does in other industries. Moreover, there are multiple avenues within the education system that you can look at getting into. For example, many people look at a career in urban teaching as a part of the education system. A master’s degree in this field gives you the chance to make a place for yourself in a niche within the education system. This way, you can grow in a small part of the education industry as we know it and then switch back to the mainstream once you have grown to the heights you aimed for.

Playing a part in urban development for smaller schools on the outskirts of town can make a major difference to the students. Other than that, smaller schools yield a high chance for growth in the future, and you may find yourself climbing the career ladder faster than you thought.

  • Administration

Apart from teaching, the admin aspect of schools is perhaps the most important. Much like any business, a school needs to run like a well-oiled machine for it to operate efficiently. Taking a course or pursuing an entire degree in school administration may be one of the best decisions you ever made. These careers pay a fair amount and generally grant you a fair degree of job stability for the future. We can’t say much about growth in your positions as that varies between schools.

It also gives you the chance to branch out into different fields. A few years down the line, if you opt to move to another industry, your expertise in administration will help you branch out and assume new roles wherever you choose to go.

  • Special Education

Spending your time with differently-abled children is as challenging as it is rewarding. Seeing these children develop holistic functioning and developing their personalities is a job that few of us will ever understand. Though teaching these children is extremely difficult, it is a niche that few people have opted for. That means there will almost always be positions in society, and they are highly sought after.

A career in special education will either require a degree in psychology or special education. Both of these can go a long way in helping individuals teach differently-abled students and help them achieve greatness. Most schools don’t have a place for special learners, hence the reason why special teachers can find a place in private schools. Private schools yield the chance for immense growth and often offer better salaries to the staff.

  • Counseling

Ever since the late ’90s, schools have realized the importance of psychological and career counseling in the education industry. With mental health awareness rising, schools around the country opted for mental health practitioners to join their organizations to help students overcome some of the issues that they were facing. Moreover, career counselors helped students find their direction for the road ahead, especially in high schools. Many students don’t know about the application process, where they want to go, or what they want to do in the future. A college counselor helps them narrow things down and organize a career for themselves in the coming few years.

Both mental health and career counselors play a massively important role in the education industry. Without them, the industry as we know it would look starkly different. Both kinds of counseling involve some degree of psychological practice to help students clear their minds and focus on what is important; their grades.

  • Physical Education

The obesity epidemic in the country continues to destroy the lives of youth in America. Modern industrial society is such that students and the average individual live a sedentary lifestyle, leading to a fair degree of laziness and physical complacence. Combined with unhealthy diets and immense amounts of stress, students are slowly gaining unhealthy amounts of weight.

P.E teachers in school have an essential role to play in the fight against obesity. Getting kids moving and running in school is a key factor in promoting fitness and health and avoiding gaining excess weight. Pursuing a degree in physical education can land you a role in a school where your efforts will help change the lives of students. There might not be a lot of growth in the industry, but the payout will be worth it.

There we have some of the best courses in the academic industry. Giving back to education is one of the noblest things you can do. Hence, the system rewards the average individual with adequate financial compensation and gives them working hours that most people would die for. These choices play a unique role in the system, and things would not be the same without them. Now the choice is yours; choose whichever one suits you best and set yourself up for a fun career ahead!


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