Aptoide Marketplace – Download 5 Important Apps

We all know that Google play is the primary source of all the applications and games that we have been using until now. But, with the presence of Aptoide Marketplace, this concept has completely changed.

It is one of the best App Stores in the present market offering more than 300000 applications for users all over the world. Though Google Play also offers a large number of applications, games and much more, there are certain limitations that Play Store has to undergo.

Aptoide Marketplace - Download 5 Important AppsLike, the users of China and Cuba cannot have access to the Play Store because of political issues. But Aptoide works just fine for all the users of the world. And also, certain important applications can be availed from Aptoide Marketplace only. In this article, we are going o bring you the list of best 5 applications which are crucial but you cannot have them on Google Play.

Play Board

This application is important since it guides and helps you about what you want to download and from where it will be easily accessible. Did you know that you are missing out a huge number of exciting games and applications that Google Play does not offer?

Yes, it’s true, and it’s also true that without proper guidance you will not be able to get them. This why Play Board app download from Aptoide APK is so important.

Perfect AppLock

Yes we know you might have a lot of Applocker in Google play, but none of them has rotation lock support, screen filter support, watchdog support where after the third attempt your device attacker’s photo shall be automatically clicked, Wi-Fi locker and much more. You can avail this app only from Aptoide and imagine how secure your device can become.

Web Guard

Well, the unique feature of this application brought by Aptoide is your device is not only going to have protection from dangerous sites, but it will also protect the device from virus, surveillance, and advertising.

While working on any browser, it enhances firewall protection, increases anonymity, accelerates the internet and also provides data encryption support. The Aptoide, web guard is the only app which prevents video ads in your device.

AVD Video Downloader

There are a lot of video players in Google Play, but very less video downloader and especially no video downloader would match the features of Aptoide AVD video downloader.

You can download millions of videos with this number 1 app for downloading the video. All you need to do is click on a video link and when action menu appears just click on “video catcher”.

Go TwiWidget

Now, this application offers the best experience of twitter on your home screen. You might get the twitter app on Google Play but have you ever imagined you would use Twitter without any app? Yes, it’s possible through this Aptoide Go TwiWidget app. You won’t have to install any twitter app.

Herein we offer you the 5 most important and desired applications that are just simply awesome but you cannot have them on Google Play. This is where the importance of Aptoide remains.

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