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5 Handy Summer Accessories for Stylish Men

Summers not only put restrictions on going outdoors but also necessitate it on the part of individuals to make a change in their choice for accessories. This happens in warm countries like India due to stifling heat and rising temperatures. The challenge is to look great but at the same time choose something which helps beat the heat and humidity.

Apart from choosing the right dress, it is also equally important to pay attention to the choice of accessories. One is left with the challenge to choose something which gels well with the overall outfit.

Not sure which accessories you need to choose to look like the perfect man this summer? Here is a handy list of accessories’ options to help you make an informed choice.

A travel wallet

The regular bags that you put around your shoulders become a bit out of fashion in summers. Why? In humid conditions, it is hard to keep a bag on your backside throughout. Some people have the tendency of wearing their bag on the front side. Still, it is likely to make one uncomfortable due to excess sweating.

Using a wallet for carrying all essentials makes more sense. You can use this accessory to carry everything which is important to you. These include spare change, bank notes, flight tickets. You can store all these items smartly and with confidentiality in a smart wallet.

Various options are available in the market. The recommended choice is leather as travel wallets that involve leather are likely to last for a long time.


If you want to look your best and keep your eyes protected from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, there is no better accessory than sunglasses. Because it comes in handy for these two tasks, almost every man think about owning a pair of sunglasses in their arsenal for an entire summer.

Sunglasses come with numerous colour options in the market. There is no hard-and-fast rule as far as the choice of any particular colour option is concerned. All options look equally great. However, the one with dark or black glass has an edge over the other options in that it does a better job in offering protection to the eyes.


You need to wear shoes in order to keep your feet protected. This is a known secret, and chances are you do so in all seasons. You need to be a little careful in choosing your socks in summer.

If you belong to an area where the weather conditions are hot and humid in summer, you need to choose an item which causes less sweating.

Invisible socks fare well in this connection. They don’t trap or retain heat which means you are less likely to sweat. It can minimize the possibility of the sweating of your feet to a considerable extent. As a result, you can rest assured that you would not have to deal with the issue of odour coming from your invisible socks in the same way in which you would deal with that of a regular pair of socks.

A summer hat

Most men use a summer hat to stay cool in hot summers. A hat is round in safe with a soft straw weave and looks different from a hat. When you buy a hat to run through an entire summer, it is important to take a look at the brim of the hat. It may either be large or medium. However, make sure it is not small.

Instead of thinking about buying cheaper pieces, it is a good idea to put your money on a quality product. Although it may cost you a little more, you are more likely to get good value for money via this deal. The last thing you would want is to buy something which costs a fortune but still doesn’t meet your expectations or requirements.

If budget is your concern, there is a smart way to assuage it. Think about making use of one of the Limeroad discount offers to bring the cost of your summer hat within your budget.

A handkerchief

If you are a resident of warm countries like India, carrying a handkerchief is a must. It becomes all the more important if you belong to a place which has hot humid and sticky weather. It allows you to remove sweat on your forehead and arms.

Some men have a tendency of washing their face in summer. It is a good habit but you need something to dry your face after washing it thoroughly. A handkerchief can do the job for you. Choose a piece which accommodates easily into the back pocket of your trousers. This way, you can keep it concealed and only take out when there is a need for using it.

Make sure you have all these accessories at your disposal to beat the heat in a smart and stylish way.

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