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4 Random Facts About Yellow

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There were so many random interesting facts about the color yellow that were either weird, funny, or informative. The yellow color is one of the primary colors ever created but the factual reality is that this color is least favorite among all the colors. As we all know, it is a color that completes the rainbow, in psychology, it presents optimism, happiness, enthusiasm, and hope and it is also a color that is noticeable to the naked eyes.

However, despite its mediocrity or less interest to the majority, there are beautiful facts about this color and these are discussed below. Thus, it might give us additional information about its relevance to complete not only the major colors but to complete us as a person since it is already part of us since then.

Yellow As Signs Of Happiness And Optimism

In psychology every color represents and signifies something, the color yellow symbolizes happiness and optimism for if we try to see sunlight and both sunrise and sunset, the color is gold or yellow. Meaning, it somehow conveys the idea that there are always better days coming or ahead of us.

That despite how devastating the day or moment would be there is always a brand new day to start again and to change our perspective to live a life far better than yesterday. As the color manifests positivity, it also shows enthusiasm, energy, and hope.

Therefore, people who like this color are innate in them the positive mindset that in spite of all the struggles, hardships, and misfortune they always believe that they can get through these in perfect time and these difficulties would not last long.

Yellow As One Of The Least Favorite Color

The top favorite color is notably blue since accordingly the majority color that we can see in the world is blue which is both the cloud or heaven and mostly the ocean. As the red and green serve as the second favorite or well-known colors. While white, yellow, and orange are the least favorite of all.

On the other hand, amidst yellow as the least favorite color, it is often found in nature in fruits like lemon and banana, flowers like yellow bell and sunflower, including animals inland and ocean, birds, and insects and all other living creatures, the yellow color is present.

Yellow As Color Of Frustration And Anger

Aside from the positive aspect of color yellow which causes optimism, happiness, and hope according to the recent research it shows that this color tends to ignite frustration and anger. It is said that people who focused their attention on this color are bound to lose their temper and the worst thing may lead to frustration.

Besides, babies who are in the yellow-painted room would most likely result in them for crying. However, despite this fact and information about this color which appears negatively, at the end of the day people would always go back to their cultural orientation and perspective, meaning always leading to relative understanding and point of view.

Yellow As The Most Common Highlighter Color

One of the best things about this color is that among all the colors, yellow is the most commonly used as a highlighter than orange or any other colors. Aside from red and orange, yellow is the easily recognized color because of its somewhat bright light.

There are a lot of interesting facts about yellow. One the reason why the yellow becomes the most outstanding color for highlighter is that the light color does not cover or darken the words or letters instead it brightens up and it becomes catchy on the eyes.

In the truest sense, all highlighters serve the same purpose which is to make the letter, words, or subject become clear and easy to figure; however, yellow is the best of them due to its unique and embedded bright light color.


Each color signifies or tells something either relevant or irrelevant; weird or interesting; important or trivial. As discussed above, these are the random facts people might not know about the color yellow.

In the different aspects of life, we could learn something about it in the least expectation. Aside from the other major colors which also has its individual information and stands, this color has a story to tell unknowingly.

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