3 Ways to Make Money from YouTube?

YouTube can really be a great way to earn money online without any investment. It is a platform where people share videos and spend a lot of time watching and surfing for new videos. You will not believe that even a stupid video on YouTube gets around millions of views because people enjoy watching videos online whether it’s an educational video, prank video, or any other stupid video.

Now some people are using YouTube just to watch videos and enjoy while others are making money from YouTube.

Yes, you can make money from YouTube. Mean people are not sharing videos on YouTube because they like to share or they want to make someone laugh or to provide information. NO! people are uploading videos on YouTube so that they can make money.

YouTube pays money otherwise people will not upload videos and if they don’t YouTube will not be in business anymore.

Now it leads to how to make money from YouTube?

Right now there are only 3 major ways to earn money from YouTube. Maybe in the future, there are more ways but currently, there are only two.


The most popular way to make money from YouTube is AdSense. It is the simplest way to make money from YouTube.

Let me explain everything

Whenever you open any video on YouTube before the video you will always see an AD. Well, that AD is there for a reason. Big companies are using YouTube for advertising their products online because YouTube is the only place to advertise products in a video format.

When you have a YouTube channel and you have a good amount of subscribers and views on your channel. YouTube will provide AdSense on your channel and you will earn money whenever someone watches an AD on your video you will earn money.

But it’s not that easy to earn money from YouTube. You need to work hard and grow your views or audience in order to earn huge money because you can’t make enough money with 500 views or so.

You at least need 10k views and more to start earning a fair amount because not everyone will watch Ads on your videos. I mean ask yourself, do you watch the ads on YouTube or just skip it.

Affiliate marketing

Another great way to make income on YouTube is through affiliate marketing. Actually, affiliate marketing is much better than ads because it doesn’t annoy your audience.

The best part about Affiliate marketing can make you more money than google ads. You can make from $10- 100$ per refer depending upon the referral program you are working with.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is when you have a good image in front of your audience and they trust and believe you. Then you start to recommend products to them and when people will buy from your affiliate link, you will earn money. It’s important for people to buy from your link otherwise you will not earn money at all. So, make sure to use your special referral link.

You can create videos around a physical product or digital product and put a reference link in the bio of the YouTube video and ask please to buy from the link in the bio.

What types of products you can refer to? – it doesn’t matter at all. If people are willing to buy them; you can refer them.

Promotion of products

This is not the same as affiliate marketing but it is somehow related. In affiliate marketing, you earn money when people buy from your link. But in Promotions, you earn money by only promoting and it doesn’t matter if people buy or use the product or service.

Yes! There is a bonus point if they will buy from your promotional link. You will earn a little extra.

Various companies will approach you when you have a famous YouTube channel and will ask you for promotions for their products. They will pay you according to your popularity. If you have a very huge channel they your pay can be more.

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