Premium Credit Cards Available in India

Credit card is one of the best cash alternatives in the modern era. It not only helps to improve your credit score but also offer ease of use and repayment. There are multiple banks that credit card offers on the basis of your lifestyle and spending habits. If you love traveling, banks offer travel cards with discounts on hotels and flights. In case, you are a shopaholic, you can apply for shopping credit cards.

If your expenses are relatively higher, banks offer premium or luxury cards. These cards come with a higher credit limit. However, with multiple options of a credit card from several banks, it often becomes difficult to choose the right card. But, there’s nothing to worry as we have listed some credit cards which can really be called premium credit cards.

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HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card

First-year fee: Rs. 10, 000 plus tax, Renewal fee: Rs 5000 plus tax

HDFC Bank offers Diners Club Black Credit Card, one of the super-premium credit cards. This card comes with several benefits such as unlimited complimentary lounge access, reward point redemption on flights and hotel bookings, complimentary golf games and more. You will receive 10,000 points as rewards points as welcome gift. In addition, you can enjoy 24*7 concierge services. This card generally comes with a minimum limit of Rs. 10 lakh.

American Express Platinum Card:

Annual charge: Rs. 60,000 plus tax

The American Express Credit Card offers numerous benefits like assisting with locating goods or services at home or abroad, helping with personal arrangements while at home or abroad, organizing events on personal occasions, golf booking, dining reservations and more. In addition, a cardholder gets unlimited access to airport lounges, benefits on restaurant or hotel bookings. You can also earn 3X reward points on overseas spending.

Citibank Prestige Credit Card

Annual Charge: Rs.20,000 plus GST

You can earn 10,000 bonus air miles and vouchers/ card worth Rs. 10,000 from ITC Hotels or Taj Group every year. On minimum booking of four nights, you will get one night complimentary stay. Further, you can avail unlimited access to airport lounges across 800 airports. With Citi Prestige credit card, your nominee or supplementary card member will get a cover of Rs 50,000,000 in the unfortunate incident of an air accident.

HDFC Infinia Credit Card

Annual fee: Rs 10,000+GST. On the expenditure of Rs. 10 Lakhs and above, the annual fee can be waived off

This credit card offers a minimum credit limit of Rs 10 lakh and unique NPSL* (No Pre-set Spending Limit) feature. The card also provides protection against fraudulent transactions. You can enjoy unlimited access to airport lounges and get exclusive golf privileges with this card. However, to avail this card one must have a minimum income of Rs. 48 lakh per annum.

The Bottom Line

The premium credit cards mentioned above come with multiple benefits and reward points. However, one must not miss the fact that the annual fee along with the interest rate is very high. So, you should apply for such cards only if you can pay such a high-interest rate and you are certain about using the card. We advise you to compare all the available credit cards so that you can enjoy more and pay less.

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