10 Most Used and Downloaded Apps

Do you think you have got it all in your app collection? Well, its time to take a look at the list of the most commonly used and renowned apps of 2019 and see what you have missed.

Undoubtedly, apps have become a major part of our day to day life. They solve a wide percentage of our daily problems. From letting us order food to taking a peek into our kid’s curriculum activities there are apps for almost everything. Due to the rapid modernization in the tech industry, it has become even more simpler to interact with people living far away from our place and to attend events virtually which are difficult to be at. As per the research, around 57% of Americans spend around a major part of their digital media time on mobile apps. So lets dive into the amazing list full of many different apps from entertainment to travel to gaming apps. Let’s begin hunting!


The world’s leading travel app- Uber is on the top of the list. The brand has managed to get a wide hold on a major of 400 cities, which include more than 8 million active users. Its widespread reach is got merely granted but is earned. The app is feature-rich facilitating users with a modern and easier solution to book a cab and even keep a track. The AI-powered app provides accurate geo-location sharing facility and comes with three different interfaces- one for the traveler, the driver and for the owner or admin panel. The massive success Uber motivates developers to create an app for iPhone and Android.


Instagram– the best social media app that has indulged millions of users due to appealing aesthetics and an interface full of features. You get to explore an entire world with your preferences of searches. The platform has also been regarded as a potential one for pursuing digital marketing. It’s more like a hub of micro-influencers. You get to interact with your friends, followers and can connect with influential personalities. It offers a spectrum, of opportunities to widen your online reach and gain online visibility.


Airbnb is by far the top booking app used by a huge percentage of users. It provides you with a window to plan trips around the world. No matter to which region you want to travel to you can find out the cheapest and most luxurious hotels and rooms to book. You do not have to get stressed if you know nothing about the place, simply get on the app and learn about the pricing and rates of hotel booking and make online reservations.


Are you getting bored? Here is what you can do. Get the Netflix app and start streaming. The app provides a wide collection of movies and shows. You can begin a new season or kill your time with movies of different genres. The best part is that it offers a one-month free trial and it’s enough to convince yourself about the brilliance of this app. So, let’s pop in.


Amazon is the biggest estore to find whatever you desire. You can find a broad collection of accessories, appliances, and a complete gateway to explore the highest quality items to purchase. It’s more of a hub of dealers and exporters who provide items in bulk amount. It’s a leading B2B and B2C platform.


YouTube is the platform that is renowned as a galaxy full of best videos. It is the largest video streaming website ever existed on the internet. It provides ample opportunities for beginners to find stardom by showcasing their talent. It has given birth to a number of renowned artists who had first posted their video online and then got popular among the billions of active YouTube users. You can find a video related to almost anything.


Dropbox is the platform for marketers, businesspersons, and entrepreneurs. Almost every office and company around the globe relies on it for keeping backups and storing information. It’s an online storage site that facilitates with the option to create and secure folders and share with multiple ids. You can connect your entire team online. And by getting an app installed you can keep a check on every activity. It’s more like an online lockup for information.


Do you want to create your personal music list? Do you keep music for your every mood and activity? Well, solve your every music-related problem with Spotify. The app is equipped with the latest technology to help you prepare your playlist. You can search for your favorites easily and download them effectively. Just as the latest track hits the market, get in on your app and enjoy listening.

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