Top 10 Best Icon Packs For Android Phones to Consider

Many people are completely oblivious to the fact that you can actually customize your smartphone way more than just changing the home screen and lock screen wallpapers. This can be done with the help of icon packs, so here are the top ten best icon packs for Android.



Darkmatter is probably one of the most beloved icon packs for Android. It has over three thousand icons in its collection which are designed in a way that will make them stand out on any kind of wallpaper. The style looks cartoonish because of the icons looking like they wear hand-drawn and colored. This makes them look very authentic while the black border makes them even cuter than they already are.


If you like minimalism, Delta icon pack is the one for you. The designs are very small and neat which will make your home screen look extremely organized. In addition to that, Delta has over one thousand different icons, which is more than enough for a regular user. On the other hand, the style is not quite different from the official icons by Google, so don’t expect much change except for the overall tones.


Retrorika is one of the rare icon packs that have an extremely big library. With over four thousand different icons, this pack also has around 120 wallpapers that will help you achieve the ultimate vintage look that no other pack will be able to get for you. The icon designs look truly unique with the colors mostly toned down to make them less sharp to the eye. They are also very detailed which is not always the case with icon designs in general.


CandyCons is one of the packs that even has some customization within it considering that it has several colors for some apps. It has over one thousand different icons that are mostly bright and appealing to the eye. The distinct feature of CandyCons is that it makes every app icon look different in terms of shapes rather than making them all round like what the latest Google updates make the icons look like.



Just like some icons accent the circular shapes, Voxel focuses on the squares. In fact, all of its icon designs are squares that consist of a colorful background and a drawing of the app icon in white. There are over three thousand different icons which will definitely make your home screen look organized. You could say that your apps will now look like tiles neatly placed side by side to form carefully lined rows.


If you know a pack called Whicons, you already know the basic idea behind Zwart. While Whicons is an all-white icon pack with minimalist designs, Zwart also has simple icons but they are done in black. If you like using light wallpapers, Zwart can be the perfect pack to use that will stand out beautifully against the background.


Considering that everyone is currently in love with retro and vintage things, it is no wonder that this pack became so popular. PixBit takes inspiration in the old 8-bit games that were pixelated. These icons have that classy look that will please every retro gamer or simply a person who loves having a certain aesthetic. Moreover, PixBit has over one thousand different icons.



Unfortunately, Polycon only has over eight hundred icons, so the selection is not very wide. Nevertheless, this pack is absolutely worth it as it is one of the best ones currently available on the Google Play Store. All the icons have their own unique shapes and don’t simply take on the regular geometric forms such as circles and squares. In addition to that, they also come in bright, vibrant colors.


Unlike other packs on this list, Moonrise has a darker style that tries to add depth to every single icon design. The dark grey tone is the main color used in these icons with different colors popping up here and there. There are many shadows too which means that the icons will give off a night-mode vibe.

Pix UI Icon Pack 2

Pix UI Icon Pack 2 is probably the most underrated icon pack for Android. With almost seven thousand (!!!) different icons, this pack is the record-setter in this category. Originally, it was simply known as Pixel Icon Pack, but unlike PixBit, it does not take inspiration from retro games. The style is based on Google Pixel’s designs with all the icons beinga round circle with vibrant colors that please the eye.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, all of these packs can really make your smartphone’s interface look completely different, fresh, and new. Just choose whichever you like the most or experiment with several before you settle down for the one that looks most appealing to you.

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