10 Forklifts Repair Tips

Useful Forklift Repair Tips

Just like all other vehicles, forklifts need maintenance and repairs every once in a while. That will make sure that your forklift serves you for a long time and more effectively. However, repairing a forklift requires more effort than fixing a car.

If you are a forklift owner or if you use Forklift Hire, these tips can help you when it comes to repairing and maintaining the forklift.

Regular Inspection

The first tip to repairing a forklift is a regular inspection of the whole forklift. That makes it easy to spot any issues as early as possible, which can save you a lot of money and time that you would have used to repair it if it became a bigger problem.

Identifying a problem early will help you decide if you can fix the problem yourself or if you need to call the mechanic. Always have a list of the following to make sure that your forklift is in perfect condition.

  • Hoses
  • Tire conditions and pressure
  • Seat belts
  • Fluid levels
  • Overhead guards and folks
  • Break condition and performance

Once you make sure that they are all in good shape, cancel them off the list.

Use Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule

The forklift manufacturers usually recommend a maintenance schedule you should follow to make sure that it is always in good shape. They recommend when some of the parts should be replaced or serviced.

Following that schedule will help you avoid more significant repair costs because having your forklift maintained as recommended will make sure it is always in good shape. You will rarely need to visit the mechanic.

Take Care Of Issues As Soon As You Spot Them

There may be some unexpected issues that may arise despite the regular maintenance schedule and daily checks. Sometimes you may realize a slight problem with a machine that may not appear like a big deal to you at the moment.

However, not taking care of the problem may lead to it becoming a big problem that will cost you a lot more money than you would have used to repair the small ones. Besides, it may cause problems to other parts of the machine that may cause harm to you.

Taking care of those little problems immediately will save your money, time, and ensure that your machine lasts longer.

Always Clean Your Forklift

Cleaning does not sound like a huge repair tip, but it is crucial to keep your forklift clean. Not only does it make your machine appealing to the eyes, but it also helps get rid of the combustible materials that may build up and ruin parts of your machine.

Have A Preventive Maintenance Contract

Look for a well-known equipment company and sign a preventive maintenance contract with them. They will always make sure that your machine gets its regular maintenance all the time. They also have experienced mechanics who will repair your forklift if it has any problems.

You do not have to worry about the level of repair that your forklift gets with that contract. You are assured of a healthy forklift forever.

Have Experienced Mechanics Look At And Repair Your Forklift

When you realize you cannot fix the problem yourself, it is best to call a mechanic. However, go for a mechanic who has experience in that field. That will guarantee that they will repair your machine accordingly, and there will be no future issues.

Regular Oil Change

A critical repair tip for your forklift is to change the oil after three months. That improves the functionality of your machine and increases its lifetime.

Brake Changes

Driving a forklift with a brake malfunction is the scariest thing that could happen to you. To avoid that, it is best always to change the brakes as soon as you realize they have a problem. Do not take any chances.

Maximize Your Warranty

Repairing a forklift can be core expensive that we think. Using your warranty will save you a lot of money and always make sure that your forklift is in good shape. Anytime you spot a problem that needs to be repaired, use the warranty and get it fixed immediately.

Always Have A Tool Box And Spare Parts

Emergencies happen anytime and anywhere. You might encounter a problem with your forklift while away from town or home. The tools and spare parts will be a big help because you will not need to call for any assistance or start figuring out how to get to the nearest repair shop.


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