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What You Need To Know About ReLEx SMILE Surgery

You might be reading this article today because you have really been considering to get a ReLEx SMILE surgery, but you are still so worried about the process or the outcome. Or maybe you are just comparing ReLEx SMILE with other types of laser vision surgery such as LASIK and TransPRK. Or perhaps you have scheduled an appointment for a ReLEx SMILE suitability evaluation, but you would want to know more about the surgery so that you will be able to make an informed decision. Hopefully this article will help shed light on your worries on ReLEx SMILE surgery.

Minimal post op discomfort after a ReLEx SMILE surgery

Another thing that people dread from going into medical procedures: the discomfort, be it either during the surgery or during the recovery period. Of course you understand that any medical procedure by nature will offer some level of discomfort. However, some medical procedures are relatively more comfortable than others. In the world of eye refractive surgeries, there are different levels of comfort, depending on the different types of laser surgeries you choose. For example, an Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA) Procedures such as epi-LASIK might be less comfortable during its recovery period (Note: there’s no pain during the surgery for all modern laser vision correction as there’ll be anesthetic eyedrops for the surgery). In the case of ASA procedures such as epi-LASIK, some patients might feel discomfort during the first few days of the surgery. This is because, for an ASA procedure, your surgeon will ablates the outermost layer of your cornea, called the epithelial layer before reshaping your cornea. This epithelial layer will grow back, and during this recovery period is where patients usually experience their discomfort.

In the case of ReLEx SMILE, it is considered as one of the most comfortable types of eye refractive surgeries. This is because there is no ablation of epithelial layer for ReLEx SMILE surgery, keeping the discomfort level during the recovery period to minimal. Therefore, the minimal discomfort can give you a sense of peace that if you choose to go for a ReLEx SMILE surgery, you can expect that it won’t be as daunting as you thought it would be.

Advancement in technology and medicine that brought about ReLEx SMILE

With technology comes precision and quality. This principle applies to anything in life, but this principle is especially true for medical procedures. It makes a big difference when you choose to opt for procedures with a less advanced machine or technique. Advancement in medical technology also improves the quality of the surgery as well as the comfort for the patient. While experience and success records are important factors to consider too, the technological advancements in the years mean that there are many things that has been improved over the years.

Currently, ReLEx SMILE is the newest type of eye refractive surgeries out there in the medical world and this gives you assurance that the technology used and applied in ReLEx SMILE procedures would also be the newer and more advanced technologies.

However some of you might be thinking that with a new procedure such as ReLEx SMILE is untested as compared to its “oldder siblings” such as LASIK or ASA procedures. Well, you do not need to worry about that as even though ReLEx SMILE is new, it has gone through many testings, in fact ReLEx SMILE in the US has received and FDA approval. So, another good reason not to worry about ReLEx SMILE!

Success stories & satisfactions from ReLEx SMILE patients

Yes, success stories matter! If there is one major reason why you should not be afraid of getting a ReLEx SMILE surgery, then it would be the success stories from many patients. You can’t deny that so many people are sharing how satisfied they are about their ReLEx SMILE results. Patients are sharing about the comfort they feel in during the procedure and the recovery, as well as the results of their improved vision.

These success stories show the consistency between what doctors and clinics are claiming when it comes to ReLEx SMILE, with what patients are actually experiencing. The claim that ReLEx SMILE is a safe and comfortable procedure is supported by many success stories shared by patients over the years. If you still feel unsure about the safety of ReLEx SMILE, try asking ReLEx SMILE patients directly and ask them to share about their experience. The more you hear for yourself the testimonies of the patients for yourself, the more courage and confidence you would have to go ahead with your ReLEx SMILE. If you don’t have any friends or family who have undergone the procedure, head over to some reliable forums on the internet and find online testimonials about ReLEx SMILE experience!

Hopefully this article helps to answer your questions, or clear your doubts about ReLEx SMILE surgery! Remember, make an informed decision before undergoing any types of surgical procedure!

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