What is ServiceNow Ticketing Tool?

Most of the people in the business industry is facing challenges in handling service requests. Are you one among them who stuck with manual processing? No worries, ServiceNow offers a single record system over the cloud for solving all your internal blocks. ServiceNow is considered to be a key player in the makeover of enterprise software for nearly about two decades, and it keeps on continuing to modernizing the technology as the world grows. It goes beyond the software services and platform with the ticketing tool in which could able solve most of the time-taking tasks in an organization.

What is ServiceNow?

We all know that ServiceNow has been resolving the problems of many businesses since the year 2003, and also it is named as one of the rapidly growing software companies worldwide. It streamlines its services by properly defining, structuring, and then automating workflows for removing spreadsheets and email from the process. One of the major aspects of ServiceNow is it needs only low configuration in order to get that platform and then running it in your enterprise. This will help in saving your valuable time and allow you to find out concerns and solving those issues. It expands its benefits in every sector includes the following,

  • Human resources
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Customer service

What is ServiceNow Ticketing Tool?

Dealing with the issue in an IT sector is not that much easy for handling. For solving such issues, you should have time, labor, presence of mind, and research. ServiceNow software has created a ticketing tool for settling the issues. It will work in an efficient procedure for determining the issues of the client. It will be working in three advanced procedures in which the issue has been first accounted for and then is resolved in an efficient manner. At last, it will be handed over to skillful & professional experts and intelligent computing systems.

Ticket types handled by ServiceNow

ServiceNow has been classifying the issues as the following terms, and they are,

Incident management 

If an IT service faced an unplanned interruption or reduction in the quality of their service, then it is known to be incident management.

Problem management

The main focus of this ticket is that finding out the root cause of the problem. It takes time because it is sent to the team, which is working for severe malfunctions.

Request management

This ticket is generally executed when an employee or user who are in need of IT support. It is usually considered to be a smaller request.

Change management

This ticket is classified for strong changes that are made to your environments, such as replacing a legacy system or any integrations made to your IT environment.

We all know that understanding how crucial and prominence for running a successful IT program with the help of ServiceNow software service. It amazingly makes the work and solves all the issues as quickly as possible. It is a strong recommendation for every major industry that is starving for a progressive workflow.

How does the ServiceNow ticketing tool work?

It is a fact that executing a quality ticketing system will help you in saving your valuable time, effort, and money. It follows three steps, such as reporting, managing, and resolving the issue. Here are the working steps of the ServiceNow ticketing tool,

Problem reporting 

ServiceNow is providing the employees and users many ways for reporting an issue with the help of Omni-channel communication models. By using this channel, one can able to

make a call to the service desk

can chat with the IT support team

can email their issue

creating an incident in ServiceNow

Issue managing 

After reporting the issue, the tool helps in prioritizing the problem according to urgency or impact of the business. Then it is moved to a support team that is capable of fixing those issues. ServiceNow can route the problems automatically with the help of Artificial Intelligence. At the same time, as management, you can check the status and track the progress in real-time as well.

Resolving the problem

Unlike the other IT management system which does not implement the closing process and then relying on the break-fix operation model, this tool will do the things in a different manner. After resolving the issue, it immediately closes all the related notes. But if anything is left unresolved, it triggers an escalation process. It has a built-in SLA feature, which helps in monitoring the process.

Final thoughts 

ServiceNow helps all the modern enterprise to operate faster than ever before. It is not only a flexible tool, but also it is very powerful in its design. Since it is a cloud-based PaaS, it is ubiquitous. One of the great perks of using this tool is that you should not find ties to any local resource, but it can scale over multiple networks.

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