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Top Video Personalization Platforms For Digital Marketing

The challenge with personalized videos in digital marketing is the need to customize at scale. A few years ago, companies would have to hire people to do everything manually. Nowadays, many platforms are there to help corporations create content with ease. Most enterprises use the four services listed below.


INDIVIDEO is the leading interactive video platform that automatically generates and handles hundreds of thousands of videos that are uniquely customized according to each customer, based on metadata, in real-time. It simplifies complex information, by using textual and visual storytelling techniques, that makes the content memorable and easily understandable.

INDIVIDEO also gives users the ability to track the number of videos rendered, streamed, viewed, and among other metrics. The content can be customized according to every company’s data security standards. It is used by financial, utility, insurance, and various types of industries. It offers one of the best prices in the market and is among thehighest user-rated platforms.


Rocketium is an online video creation platform. It helps clients in making quick, simple, and accessible videos without having any experience in designing. It offers five types of solutions and out of which two, code and button, are mostly used. The Code package offers automated video creating capabilities by using images, clips, and listings from their consumers’ database.

The Button allows Rocketium’s customers to insert a video maker in their websites or apps to let their users create videos in minutes. It has customized templates for many different types of industries, including news and non-profit.The pricing varies with variousfeatures, and it can be expensive.


Storybulbs helps companies create content that is personalized for every customer. The platform’s simple design makes it accessible for any user to create a few videosupto millions. The consumers can create customized ads for every recipient and share them worldwide by using standard marketing tools like Marketo, Hubspot, or Mailchimp. Storybulbs’ customers can connect data from sources like marketing automation, billing systems, and daily trackers, among others.

It provides analytics on the types of viewers that watched and how they interacted with the video.Many templates are offered based on the type ofindustry. Three packageswith different pricing are provided, which differbyvideo minutes, templates, SMS capabilities, and API access.



Treepodia offers a different level of engagement by creating content that is personalized to particular individuals.It helps online merchants automatically create engaging ads for entire product catalogues within 24 hours to target specific audiences. It joins the concepts of dynamic and video remarketing, which makes the advertisements much more effective.

It showcases millions of videos for online retailers, which are indexed by Google and Bing to increase the page’s ranking. It helps users monitor their shoppers’ behavior by measuring the performance of product videos, then creating reports and coordinating it with Google Analytics. Ecommerce websites can only use it, and its price significantly varies according to each company’s needs.

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