Top 11 Online Tools Every Student Should Know About to Study Smarter

Students have a lot to cover during a day and it can become overwhelming. Having different study methods and tools can be helpful. The internet is full of resources but they are not all reliable. Searching through the masses can also be time-consuming. The tools on this list have been proven to work well.

If you are doing letter typing, there is probably a tool for that. Finding one that is actually up to par, can be the challenge.

We all have our own unique way of how we retain information. There are tons of study methods out there. Some work better than others. If you use the right online resources, your life can become more simplified. The tools on this list will help you study smarter and keep you focused. If you think back a few decades ago, people really only had the library when looking for resources. Things have changed since then. Most of our resources are now online.


There is no better practice than quizzing yourself before a test. This tool can create amazing quizzes on the subjects you have to cover for a test. Anyone from high school to university can use this tool. It’s easy to use and it works.


Keeping track of all your school work, tests and important projects can be a lot. This tool will simplify this for you. It is never fun when you realize at the last minute that you have a test due.

Study Blue

Another great tool for creating mock tests and quizzes. There is power in practice and you can use this tool to help you practice as much as possible. Reading over the same content a hundred times is not how we learn. You can only know where you are in the process if you actually test yourself.


Although this tool may not help you study better, it does ass value to your studying. It’s filled with useful resources to increase your knowledge on a subject matter. If you are typing a document and not familiar with the content, this tool can help.

Marinara Timer

It may not be related to the content of your study, but this tool is a necessity. The timer works on a scientifically proven method. You’ll know when to study and when to take a break for your brain to effectively process the content. You’ll retain the information for longer.


This is not the prettiest website, but it is effective for student use. With tons of books and content to help you dive into a subject, this is great.

Study Jams

When you look for a good online resource, you need something that can help you with a specific need. This tool offers quizzes, tests, videos and so much more.

Open Study

Sitting in your room trying to figure out a difficult concept can be frustrating. Especially if you’ve gone over it 10 times. It’s like figuring out how to turn handwriting into text. You can join the students on this platform and ask about the concept you don’t understand. Chances are you’ll get it after it’s explained by a peer.

Khan Academy

There is nothing you cannot find on this platform as a student. The site is genius and has helped a lot of people do better in school. With great content and video teachings, this website will help anyone become a better student.

Self Control

It’s so easy to become distracted as a student. With social media and the internet in general, we can go down a rabbit hole in an instant. Having an app like this one can help you stay focused when studying.


For those who are trying to master a new language, this site is great. You are actually taught by a native and it’s the best way to learn.

Which online tools do you use to study smarter?

We all have our own set of study tools, but these are some of the best out there. If you are trying to get high scores at school, definitely give it a try. Even if you just chose one or two, it could be of great help. Studying does not have to be boring and draining. Just find easier and better ways to get it done.

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