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Techniques to Sell a Fast House

Techniques to Sell a Fast House

According to data published by the website, in the average time for selling a home is 10.6 months. The average approach to the year is a problem if we want to sell our house quickly. Therefore, the best team of experts gives you some tips on how to sell a house that we hope will help you sell it more quickly and easily.

First steps to follow if I want to sell my house

Make a real estate appraisal. Advising of the real price of housing is essential to be able to set a sale price. We cannot rely for example on the evaluation that appears in property taxes because they are not always up to date.

Investigate the current situation of the real estate market. To decide the price that we are going to put on sale it is interesting to know how much the houses are sold in the same neighborhood or the same city, this will help us know if we are within the market price.

Documentation prepared and in order. If we want to sell our house fast it is important to have everything ready to do the paperwork once we find a buyer. The documentation can also be requested by any of the potential buyers to find out the status of the home.

We will need the deeds of the property, the title deed or deed registered in the public registry of the property. This is important, for example, if it is an inheritance since the dwelling will be in the name of a deceased person.

How to prepare your home for sale

Just as when we meet a person the most important thing is the first impression that is caused to us, with a house the same thing happens. If we want to sell our house quickly, it is essential that potential buyers when they see our ad or visit it fall in love at first sight. The appearance of the house will be in many cases more important than other details, as it will help us to make a faster decision motivated by emotions and not so much for reasons.

At present, what has been called is very fashionable? Home staging?? English term that refers to the “staging of a house”. It is a technique of the real estate market that consists of making some changes in housing to make it more attractive for sale. The changes that can be made quickly and that will help us in the sale are:

Harmonize. Conditioning the housing spaces, highlighting strengths and which can be more attractive.

Depersonalize when someone visits our house to buy it we have to take into account that they do not want to see what our home is like, but to feel if that space could become theirs. They will see the potential of the house to make it a special place and to your liking. That is why it is important to remove personal things like photos and pictures, and leave a more neutral decoration that everyone can like. In addition, if it is a minimalist decoration, visitors can focus on the characteristics and condition of the home.

Illumination. It would be important to make the visit at a time when we have natural light, if not, we must have good lighting. A trick is to buy a light bulb that provides natural light and place the lamps so that we enhance lighting that transmits comfort.

Organization. To get a quick purchase decision, the order is necessary. If we remove some unusable objects, and the rest of things we order them, it will give a feeling of greater amplitude.

Cleaning. It is important to perform a thorough cleaning, especially of kitchen and bathrooms. We can also place an air freshener or some flowers that will help us make the house always smell very good.

Repairs. If we want to sell as soon as possible, sometimes it is necessary to invest a small amount of time to fix small damages, so that the house is more attractive and is sold sooner.

Comfort. It is essential that during the visit they have a feeling of comfort, we were talking about placing an air freshener for the smell, but just as important it will be to have a pleasant temperature, and the absence of noise or other external discomfort.

Decor. This will depend a lot on whether the house we sell is currently our home or is an unused home. For example, if we inherit a house and it is old, the furniture will probably be in poor condition or outdated. Therefore, it would be advisable to evict or equip it with some new furniture. If it is a single family we will also have to take care of the state of the garden or the garage.

Size. It is a reality that smaller or medium-sized homes are now more easily sold. So one possibility to earn more money and sell your house faster, is to carry out a segregation or project of housing division. In this way if you have a house with many square meters you could divide it into two and sell them separately.

How to sell a house today

Before, to sell a house, the seller usually did it through agencies, advisors or promoters. However, according to real estate market data, 56% of the homes, stores and garages that are advertised on many platform are currently sold in particular.

Many are those who want to deal with it personally, and the truth is that it is now easier than ever. You just have to post a good ad on the internet. To do this you can use the multiple platforms that serve this purpose as webuyswflhomes or sell. They are very simple pages to use and with much more visibility than, for example, newspapers. The tips to sell a house quickly through the internet are:

Attach plane. It is essential for the buyer to know the real size of the house and its distribution. In some cases it will be a good claim for them to decide to arrange a visit to the house.

Quality photos in the announcement it is very important to add several photos of different parts of the house so that the user can see the status. The trick is to make some good photos that enhance the best of the house and with good lighting.

You can add an image of the facade, the portal or other elements of the building if they are going to be an incentive for the buyer. Place the best picture of the main image and never be the bathroom.

Detailed description. Next to the photographs we have to add a descriptive text of the house, do not forget to indicate the benefits of the building, the technical data, and all the attractive information that can help the buyer decide to visit it on the spot.

Sincerity in the ad. In addition to a detailed description, it must be sincere since it will not help to have a good announcement if everyone who visits the house feels cheated. We also have to be clear about the price, and set the same price for all the ads on the different platforms, since if the potential buyer finds our house advertised on several sites with different prices, he probably won’t be faithful to us anymore.

Upgrade. Try to keep the ad updated and make changes to make it more attractive. If you see that with the starting price nobody is interested, try modifying it in low quantities to see if you get better results.

Feedback. Once we post our ad we will start receiving calls and some emails from interested people. It is essential that you do not delay in responding to people who have contacted you. The sooner we have visitors, the sooner we will sell it.

Communication. To get a buyer it is necessary to make a good online communication with the interested parties, and that the communication during the visit makes the potential buyer feel comfortable. It is also necessary to know how to negotiate, since these buyers are likely to try to make us different offers from blue world city.

Hopefully with these tips you can sell your home fast. If you need any technical procedure to make the sale, do not hesitate to contact “sell my house fast” and we will inform you about the procedures to be carried out.

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