Ten Questions Never Ever to Ask At A Job Interview

Next time when you are out at your interview, never ask these below mention 10 questions. Well, we understand that asking some questions can provide you better confidential phase, but still, you need to be more careful and stay away with such questions…

Ten Questions You Never To Ask

If you want to get the latest jobs in Lagos, then find it through the internet, but still, you need to check their every flaws and requirement before applying.

As because, sometimes people just hit the interview button and further disqualify from the job, why? Because of their non-professional behavior.

latest jobs in Lagos

However, here we are telling you some ten points, in fact, ten questions, which you never wanted to ask in a job interview. Check them and be careful next time…

What is your company about?

You can instead ask like this “I know about technician and other support groups, but still, I am curious to know about the specialty of your company and people.”

You can’t ask something like this straight in the office, as because company details are all written on the profile, on the internet, from where you applied for.

So, it’s better to check the details related to company progress and all before going for the interview.

Can I Get Another Position, Instead Of This One?

You are sitting in an office for a job interview; you can’t decide what position suits you or what’s not. Though, when you find out some latest Dream job vacancies in Nigeria, you probably check the requirements right? What requirement should be suits that specific position or what’s not?

So, it’s an obvious thing do not jump to that specific question, unless when you feel that you are over-qualified to that position, but until then, continue your talk with them.

Which Transport Comes to Your Office?

It’s really up to you to manage the transport situation for yourself. You are not in that position to ask such irrelevant questions just at the time of an interview.

Does This Office Use ABC Software?

If they consider your proficiency with a special software program, they will immediately ask you. But, if you ask this question, then the chances are they would probably reply you with “No, we have XYZ software, do you have command on this one”? and you will get a freeze at that time if you really don’t have command on their required software.

Do You Test Your Applicants for Drugs?

This is a kind of dangerous question, which an applicant should never have to ask. If you want to know the answer because of your curiosity, ask other applicants/employees after the interview.

You don’t have to ask this question directly to the interviewer if they do drug-tested their applicants, they will surely inform you before any official announcement.

Can You Interview with Other People Too?

Well, you are in the office of a respectful and well-known company, and definitely, you are not the one who approaches them.

You don’t have to worry about other people or applicants, if you find that latest jobs in Lagos interesting for you and fulfill your all demands, etc, then go ahead, stop worrying about other candidates.

If I Failed to This Interview, After How Much Time I Can Re-apply?

This would really throw a bad impression to the interviewers, that’s why we put this question on our 10 don’ ask, list, because we know how tough this is to find the latest jobs in Lagos. So, don’t simply ask it, give your best to the interviewer and leave your fear behind.

How Many Vacations Days I Can Get?

No, no! This is one of the terrifying questions which sometimes spoil the mood of interviewers. You still didn’t get the job, this is just an interview, and you start planning about the vacations already?

Just put your focus on the interviewer questions and answer them more respectfully, as because, the first impression is always the last impression.

Can You Tell Me About Your Health Plans?

This will create a bad situation when you ask this question face to face in your interview. A latest jobs in Lagos interview means, they want to know more about yourself, your confidence, your passion for the work, etc.

The discussion about plans and salary are the second step which you should take after the interview.

How long is your new employee probation period?

When you finally got an interview call after the searching of the latest job vacancies in Nigeria, you have to be prepared well.

You can simply ask, “What is the actual waiting period for your health benefits?” or even though, “What is the eligibility schedule of your 401(k)?” but don’t ever ask directly about the probationary period.

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