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What Is Your Dream Job And What Is The Way To Success

What Is Your Dream Job And What Is The Way To Success

There is an old Confucius saying that goes “Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” In today’s world of economic upheaval, it has gotten pretty dicey to navigate the job market. Employers and employees are asking more and more from their job.

Every adult desires things like a car, a credit card and good Xfinity Deals. However plenty of people are stuck in jobs they do not enjoy but can’t leave because they have no other option. That’s why it’s important to find to find your dream job and work towards it in a structured way.

Finding your dream job comes after first understanding what you want to do in life. You need to know your strengths and abilities. Analyze yourself objectively and try to sum up your skillset to look for professions that build on them. Once you know what you’re good at, it’s time to look at possible career options.

It’s a good idea to discuss this with your guidance counselor if you are a student. Start shortlisting career options based on your skills that appeal to you. Then select the one that attracts you the most after giving weight to its pros and cons. This is the easy part of getting to your dream job. Knowing what you want to do and having the opportunity to do it are two very different things.

This is the other part:

Don’t be Rigid on the Title

One mistake people make during job hunts is to dismiss jobs with titles that do not match with their expectations. This is one thing you need to avoid. It’s a good thing to have career focus  and purpose in life. But presenting employers with a very narrow career objective can get you screened out even before the interview. When you state your goal is a specific title, the interviewer may not consider you for other titles with significantly similar roles. A good practice is to discuss what responsibilities you want to take on rather than what position.

Consider Travel Time

Commuting is perhaps the most boring part of everyday routine. It is dreary and keeps you away from the action. What if you could find a job that eliminates or reduces your commute? Say you currently have a 30 minute commute. You find your dream job with a 50 minute commute but with a remote working option for 2 days.

You now have saved yourself gas money as well as time for 2 days. The point is to be open to unique working arrangements if the position meets your goals. If you save money and have a mix of virtual/in person work, you may end up loving it. Just be sure to discuss remote working at the offer stage when both parties are invested in hiring.

Explore the Hidden Job Market

It is widely believed that more than 80% of jobs are filled through ways other than advertising or professional recruiting. This may seem daunting but it’s actually an opportunity. Have the courage to approach the employers you wish to work for, even if no position is advertised. Many cases of hiring before the ad goes out exist in today’s job market. It is a mixture of luck, skill and the right place at the right time. But remember you can reap huge dividends if it pays off so don’t be afraid to contact firms.

Crack the Interview

Many people assume that if something does not align with their career objectives it is automatically the wrong job. This is an incorrect assumption. The interview should not be taken as a marriage. Employers frequently change specifics of a position including title, salary, hours and responsibilities if they meet a suitable candidate.

Don’t be shy about stating your career aspirations in the interview. Simply state you will be willing to consider the offer as a whole package. Often enough, employers are willing to shuffle things for an outstanding candidate.

Be Assertive

Many cases exist of employers going with a candidate different from their first choice. Mostly this is because the candidate may have shown what was perceived to be a lack of interest. The other candidate, however, may be more enthusiastic and hence gets the job. It’s all about the impression you convey to your employers. So make sure the employers know you are interested in working there. Ask for an offer. Impress upon them that you are enthusiastic about taking the position.

Then the alternative is to end up in a job which you are not happy with, initiative and open mindedness seem like a bargain. As long as you have that you will be able to make your career go in the desired direction. Not quite like choosing your Spectrum TV Packages but not rocket science either. Good luck for your next job.

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