Protect Your Small Business With These Security Camera Solutions

Protecting your small business will require a range of strategies, and one important consideration will be your security camera system. Preventing theft and ensuring you are providing a safe workplace will be made easier with 24/7 monitoring. Security cameras placed in areas with low visibility, near registers, in storerooms and by entryways will give you peace of mind, and may even deter potential criminals.

The features you need will depend on your unique type of small business. Here are a few key features to look for.

Digital IP Systems

A digital IP security camera system will give you the convenience that comes with using your LAN (local area network) to send and store images. This allows you to potentially store weeks of video that can be accessed from anywhere, through an app on your mobile device. This is something Lorex Technology does exceptionally well, as their digital IP solutions can come with 4K Ultra HD resolution, Color Night Vision and Infrared Night Vision for clear footage any time, day or night. For added security, these cameras can be vandal resistant and weatherproof.

PTZ Security Cameras

Did you know that just one camera could do the job of many? PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, Zoom, and these features give your security camera system the ability to go up and down, left to right and zoom in and out. You can get preset views or customize your own for a personalized, efficient monitoring solution.

Vandal-Proof Cameras

Whether it is indoors or outdoors, you may be concerned about potential damage to your security cameras. There are options for vandal-proof cameras that are made for areas that are within arm’s reach such as near a cash register.

Cameras that come with an aluminum exterior have been cleverly designed to withstand force will be a smart option. Your security camera system should be difficult to disassemble so you can be sure they will always be performing as they should.

Varifocal Zoom

Sometimes it can be hard to capture a face in a crowd, and this is where a Varifocal Zoom lens can help. This intelligent addition to your security camera will give you the option of zooming in or out without ever losing picture quality.

You can control the camera with your smartphone or tablet, and focus in on any relevant features. With clearer pictures and unrivaled accuracy, Varifocal Zoom works well in busy environments.


Ultra HD 4K resolution will give you clarity and contrast like never before. This has almost four times the resolution of 1080p HD, making it a feature worth investing in. With a wired system, you will be able to monitor areas both big or small, capturing images that can be viewed clearly on screens of all sizes. You will never miss those finer details, which could be critical in identifying a criminal.

Protect Your Small Business

You have worked hard to grow your small business, and you will want to protect it. A security camera system will give you peace of mind regardless of whether or not you are on site.

There are a number of different solutions, but some key features to consider include 4K HD technology, digital IP systems, PTZ security cameras, vandal-proof designs and Varifocal Zoom.

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