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Is it Possible to Fool an Online Casino?

No way. This is physically impossible, but it is unlikely that such an obvious answer would suit all those who “fed” the swindlers enough, trying to refute this thesis or refused to believe in it. The online casinos, like the entire gambling industry, revolve around the only task: players should not earn and take more than 20% of the total amount of money invested to play the game.

Consequently, the remaining 80% is the income of the casino itself, which invests money in promotion and other areas. By the way, the competition in this segment is not childish, but there is one factor on which no one even thinks to save – safety.

If a casino can be hacked, reconfigured, or someone will interfere with the operation of the casino game, then owners of the gambling site will suffer losses, no one likes to lose money. That is why digital security in online casinos of very high quality.

This is reality, but it never got in the way of scammers, right? Especially today, when the financial situation in the world is steadily worsening and many are already losing hope, as a result of which they give up and do not want to make efforts to overcome difficulties, but they are actively trying to get easy money. You can easily find an activity, according to which people buy lottery tickets much more often in crisis years with high unemployment. Isn’t that weird?

Logically, they barely have enough money for food and housing, but instead of looking for work, they do what: they want to get money from the lottery or another doubtful source. Online fraudsters take advantage of this and rob people by posting\selling software or strategies, which will help players to get a perfect edge over the online casino.

Do not believe in such nonsense. Everything operating in an online casino is completely random and you can win only if you are lucky enough to do that. It is just a piece of random luck.

Top 3 schemes from scams which give you an “advantage” over online casino

Usually, such schemes used by non-legal gambling websites or third-party “gamblers” who want to earn money fast and abandon the ship. So, if you really want to try your luck and Las Vegas is far from your place – always choose trusted online casinos.

Scheme number 1

The first scheme is that you are given a huge bonus in a casino, which does not actually exist. Most often in the comments on social networks or little-known blogs, you may find an ad of some dubious sites with loot boxes, slots and other attributes of gambling. In order for you not to think about it, they promise 300% of net profit even on a contribution of $5 or more – a low entry threshold, as practice shows, makes people more vulnerable.

In general, you register, invest as much as possible to get a huge bonus, and then you suddenly realize that the slots do not work, and your money has disappeared from your account. Scams write off everything to the work of payment systems and promise to reimburse the whole thing during the next deposit with another payment method and so they will turn you around until you realize that you have become a victim of an online robbery.

Scheme number 2

The second is promises to hack or trick the online casino. How you received the information doesn’t matter at all, but most likely it was either spamming or advertising on some adult site that you forgot to close. It tells you that some guy found a great way to rob a casino – he found a system failure after a certain combination that allows you to win 300 thousand after you complete it.

At this moment, only a few will think about whether the security officers themselves could watch this video and remove the vulnerability in a matter of seconds, but this tactic is designed for people who are, to put it mildly, not shining with their minds. You will be brought to the casino, where you just lose money and that’s it. Do not play on non-licensed websites! Never!

Scheme number 3

The third method is the most ridiculous – you are supposedly written by a person who has limits on playing in a casino because he is just mega-successful, but he offers you barter: he pours $ 500 into your account and gives a list of actions that allows fast money making at a casino, where, for a minute, everything is built purely on luck and random numbers.

So, this fellow gives a link, you register on a strange site, you really get $500, but he warns that you will share the money with him in half. In a couple of days, you will get $2500 into the account and when you try to withdraw money, a message appears that you need to throw $250 for the withdrawal.

This guy will try to convince you to pay $250 and take more than half of total pot and if you do that – you won’t see any money, but the “guy” will earn $250 from nothing!

Is it possible to win in an online casino?

Yes, you can win, and sometimes very good money, but as previously said you must be lucky enough. There is also may be a problem in terms of withdrawal. As a rule, gambling houses set limits on withdrawals and require constant verification of person, so you will be required to send real documents to confirm your identity (to confirm that you are over 18, etc.).

This is all fine, but do not forget that the casino will never play against itself and let players earn millions. Look at the lights of Las Vegas, at these skyscrapers and chic halls, and then ask yourself one simple question: at whose expense was it built? Could the owners of gambling houses afford such a luxury? – Well, yes. Since most people lose money and not win. Again, you must be lucky enough to do that.

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