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Must-Haves When Doing Biking As A Hobby For Energetic Lifestyle

A Hobby is a kind of activity that is done regularly for leisure or pleasure. That sounds promising, doesn’t it? However, people nowadays, especially millennials, choose to stay home to play their favorite online games or PSP. The consequence is that their favorite hobbies actually are not beneficial to their overall well-being.

Having said that, there are definitely hobbies that not only release stress but also help in improving one’s health. One of the most suitable hobbies for young ones and young at heart is Biking. Biking helps in cardiovascular fitness, increases muscle strength and flexibility, lessens stress levels, strengthens bones, normalizes fat levels, reduces anxiety and depression and many more.

Thinking of doing it this weekend with the whole family or friends? You might want to check these must-haves first before you jump into doing this fun activity.

Things to Prepare for Biking

Enough knowledge of Biking

This is basically important because this is the foundation of this hobby. If it is totally your first time doing this, you might as well rent a bicycle first for practicing. Make sure to have an experienced biker with you, so he can guide you and teach you. After all, learning how to bike is not as complicated as learning how to drive a car.

Right Bicycle for You

Find a bike that suits you perfectly. The reach and the seat height must be considered to know which bike is best for you. Also, the bike’s saddle is a big factor to say that you have the one that you will be comfortable pedalling.

Bike Accessories

While these are just add-ons to your bike, accessories play important roles too. When biking at night, you must have head and rear lights as the darkness of night make you prone to getting injured while pedaling.
​Other must-have accessories


A helmet is a staple in any two-wheel vehicle, like a bicycle. This is because a helmet is a life-saver. Accidents might occur anywhere and anytime, and once it’s your head that is damaged severely, it is sad to say that it can kill you.

Gloves for cycling

Your grip is as important as pedaling. Thus, to protect your hands from getting calluses, use cycling gloves.

Bike Pump

Your bike tires are not immortal at all. They get drained too. Thus, once they lose some air, you will need a bike pump for it. Imagine doing some sort of long ride with your bike, and in the middle of the trip, you encounter this problem and you do not have a pump with you? That is kind of a nightmare, especially if there are no stations and stops that can help you put some air to your tire.


Sure that in the middle of your ride, you will stop somewhere to eat or to answer the call of nature, so it is important that you have ​bike locks. You do not want to have your bike stolen, do you?

Bike Stand​

Yes, this is not as important as the others, but this will help big time when pumping your bike tires and when cleaning it.

Water Bottle and Bottle Cage​

A long ride with your bike are fulfilling, but it empties your body of the needed water because you surely will sweat so much. Thus, a bottle with water is a must, and how can you bring a bottle of water while riding on your bike? Install a bottle cage.

Right Outfit

A comfortable ride calls for the right cycling shorts and shirt. It is important because you will be sweating so much, and the right cycling outfit helps to absorb sweat and will also help you pedal comfortably. You cannot have a long ride with your pants and jeans on.

Final words

Let go of the game consoles and keyboards and mouse and start doing something your body and mind will benefit from. Start doing some outdoor activities, especially biking, and in case you are convinced to go biking with friends or family this weekend and you want to do it as a hobby, start with the must-haves above. Good luck with your ride!

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