Marketing Strategies to fuel the growth of Export business

Marketing is the boon of any business it is used for the promotion of goods and the services a company is providing, for the brand awareness, to increase the sales, for business expansion and to keep the communication with the customers.

Why Marketing is important for the export business:-

To Provide the Information about the goods/services a company is offering:-

It is useful to provide the information about the goods/services to the target audiences by using various digital platforms, for buying the goods or services customers should have the solid understanding of how the goods or services can be helpful for them and marketing is the best way to communicate with them to know their requirement and to provide the goods and service according to their requirement. So if you are planning to expand your business and need to know the customers demand you should make the marketing a priority too.

A company sustains by applying the Marketing strategies:-

Marketing is important to build long lasting relationship with the customer which required to be created and maintained on daily basis. It shouldn’t be fixed the marketing process should be ongoing process in the company which is the most important factor to sustain a company for the long Period of time.

Employment generation:-

It is very complex mechanism which involves more than a man to perform any task such as promoting, selling, buying, financing, accounting, transport, warehousing, risk bearing etc. At every stage all the functions are performed by various many people and individuals, hence it has significant role in employment generation in a country. There are almost 40% – 45% people are dependent on the marketing to earn their bread and butter.

For a continuous growth in any company or for any country there should be continuous marketing. Then only high level of sustainability can be achieved.

Marketing used for the selling of goods/services:-

Marketing strategies should be implemented in such a way that it ensure the growth of the company and present customer should always be on the main priority. Marketing helps to expand the base. Sharing on the facebook, linked in or other social media platform about the goods and services can be effective way of marketing at cheap cost.

It engages with the current customers:-

Client engagement should be on the priority list for any successful businesses, it gives the solution of how to hold your customers. Update your customers by sending regular mail for the offers company can provide, or launching of new goods or services.

Government initiative to promote the exports:-

To Promote the exports government has launched various schemes to provide them incentive in the form of saleable license, Under Advance Authorisation Scheme an exporter is allowed to import duty free inputs required to manufacture the export goods by taking the advance license with the condition of export obligation. Export Obligation has to be fulfilled by the exporter by doing the export in the given time period. Under MEIS Scheme goods exporters can avail the benefits in the form of license which can be used in payment of customs duty. To get the benefits under MEIS application exporter needs to apply online on DGFT portal by attaching required documents such as Shipping bills, eBRc, Valid copy of RCMC, DGFT review the application and issue the license if all the documents and application submitted online found perfect.

EPCG Scheme was introduced under foreign trade policy to issue the license for importing capital goods without paying any custom duties to manufacture the export goods with the condition of export obligation (EO), under EPCG Scheme there are two types of export obligation – 1) Average Export Obligation, 2) Specific Export Obligation. The export obligation can be obtained by doing the export of six times the duty saved amount on capital goods in the period of six years. The Government may grant 2 year extension to fulfil the export obligation.

The aim of introducing these schemes under foreign trade policy is to make Indian goods cost competitive in International Market and match up the international standard of the quality in global market.

There are various functions involved in marketing such as buying and selling of goods, financing, transportation, warehousing etc. It is considered as the great way of generating employment because to perform the complete function of marketing large number of people is required.SEIS Scheme was launched to facilitate service exporters.

Marketing strategies an exporter can use for the growth of their businesses:-

Using the Social Media

By creating video tutorial and uploading it on Youtube channel

Developing a optimized website

Use of Email Marketing and telemarketing

Government of India launched Advance Authorisation SEIS Scheme which allows the duty free import of raw materials required to manufacture the export goods, EPC assist exporters for availing the Advance License under the Advance Authorisation scheme.

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