How to Make My Bedroom Look Expensive and Luxurious

Like several things, there may come a point in your life where you may want to give your bedroom a makeover. When such a day arrives, you’d definitely want to resort to a revamp that’s not only cute and comfortable but something that looks rich and luxurious.

While we all dream of a luxurious life, maybe it’s time to convert that dream into reality. Yes, budget is something to be considered but you get can definitely get it done through a little cost-cutting. If you feel your budget is holding back, don’t fret! Your lofty dreams are just a few pillows, rugs, curtains, etc. away

If you still aren’t convinced, here are some tips for you to try out to get your room to look expensive and luxurious:

Pillows all the way

That’s right! This could be one of the wisest decisions you can make as an investor. Pillows are not only essential for your room, but it also makes a great upgrade to your room. Oversized, colorful or plush pillows are a great way to transform and revamp your regular bedroom space to what could look like a luxurious suite. Add a luxurious dreamcloud mattress for the perfect sleep in your tasteful room. Don’t forget to protect it with a waterproof mattress protector.

Light it up

Lighting plays an important role when it comes to setting up your bedroom. Getting rid of the ceiling lights and replacing those with hanging lights would give you’re the elite look you’d want. Ensuring that your lighting is in tune with your bedroom not only highlights your space but also compliments your furniture. Thread lighting, fairy lights, or just a single floor lamp could help give your bedroom a more aesthetic and royal look. Lights were always made to bring life to your room hence, making it a wise decision to make!

 Less is more!

Playing with space is your greatest asset. With space, you can make optimum use of what goes where and how you decide your arrangement. A lot of space doesn’t necessarily mean that you fill up each and every nook and corner of your room. 

Rather, you need to ensure that you use your space wisely and opt for a more minimal approach rather than a cramped one. Moreover, it is ideal that you keep your floor neat and empty. The less that’s visible to the eye, the more spacious it looks, giving it a rich and subtly elite look. You can go for resident furniture to add to the grace of your room. 

Reorganize your makeup

While getting your makeup right can be a task, it is vital that you keep it organized and tidy – be it your dressing table or your closet space. Whatever it may be, ensure that you don’t practice the way of keeping a cluttered vanity on your dresser. This could give it a messy look, which in turn would ruin your luxurious bedroom look. 

 Draw it in

Sometimes, all you need is a good wardrobe and an additional set of drawers. Putting things away in drawers and cupboards can help you retain your space in such a way that your arrangement would be smarter and comfortable, with a rich look of course. The easiest way to keep your unfinished novel, tangled earphones, or your spectacles away is to keep it your drawer and just leave the platform for a simple and elegant night lamp and to tray the little things up. 

Upgrade Your Hardware

There’s no motivation to keep the default equipment that accompanied your bureau and end tables (except if, obviously, it’s as of ow outwardly dazzling!). Supplanting equipment is a modest and simple approach to update your room, and there are such huge numbers of approaches to customize the look: Crystal, gemstone, copper, thus some more.

Choose Crown Moldings

It’s stunning how even a standard room takes on a costly air with the expansion of crown moldings. Contingent upon your degree of DIY experience, you can jump on genuine moldings that should be cut, painted, and nailed into spot. Or then again you can go the simple course with self-cement shaping that really looks entirely great from down beneath. In any case, paint the trim to coordinate your dividers.

Focus on the Statement Pieces

Everyone has a latex mattress, a bean bag or a light fixture but are they really adding to the panache of your room? Let us discuss the statement pieces that you can incorporate in your room ( without stuffing it of course) and add the poise that it deserves. You can add a centerpiece, an ottoman chair or maybe a grandfather clock if it suits but you must make sure that it does not grab too much attention and persists at the focus of your space. Allow ample space for the statement pieces to pan out in the room subtly. 

Plush Around With a Lovely Blanket 

A thick, indulgent mattress protector adds snappy style to the mattress. A dismissal that unobtrusive, microfleece number—that is exceptional for settling on the affection situate while gazing at the TV, yet it won’t make your room look lavish. 

Or maybe, pick a bedspread delivered utilizing soft wool, velour, silk, velvet, or even phony cover-up. Do whatever it takes not to go crazy with an example—remain with a solid concealing, an animal print, or a simple structure. By and by your room is strong and your tootsies are more sweltering during the night.

Add Greenery

As usual, the fastest and least demanding approach to redesign your room from “normal” to “costly looking” is to include some greenery. What structure this takes is up to you: A huge plant? Little pruned plants on your bureau? Regardless of the condition, including a couple of plants enables a space to make the last jump to extravagance.

Let there be Light with Lampshades 

Plain Jane, lifeless lampshades don’t look extravagant. Old, blurred, recolored, or fraying lampshades truly don’t look extravagant. It’s anything but difficult to discover shiny new, alluring, and intriguing lampshades at deal costs, so why not give your bedside light an update? 

For a little pinch of luxury, search for a rich-tinted conceal a shade with a satisfying example or shade with metallic accents. Keep the look exemplary, however, while lampshades rimmed with artificial blossoms, tufts, or decoupage are heaps of fun in the correct room, they don’t have a place in the costly room.


You have only room and only life. Live life king size!

How do you make your room a haven for luxury? Let us know!

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