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Importance of User Experience in Web Design & Development

User experience has continued to gain an increasing amount of importance in the web design environment. It is an integral part of the design process and you will not realize about its elements because they are taken care of by the site builder. Many times the importance of user experience (UX) is realized only when there are issues with the design. That usually happens with a traditional form of web designing where you hire the services of an agency or designer. From early conception to the final product all aspects of UX have been addressed in the most advanced website builders.

Importance of User Experience

There is more UX than the visual elements of a website. It has more to do with interaction than how your website looks. It is expected of your site’s UX to provide a simple and efficient interaction that allows visitors to get the desired information and results without much effort. And with modern site builders, it is possible to create websites yourself addressing all UX elements.

It is important for everything including:

  • Websites
  • Applications
  • Ecommerce sites

And all online projects that are intended to last long.

UX & Complex Websites

UX is extremely important for complex websites because such sites tend to make it difficult for visitors to navigate and find the required information. Good user experience focuses on making navigation easy and quick. Users should be able to find even the most meticulous and particular information with just a few clicks or keystrokes.

If you neglect UX, it can create a negative image and your visitors are least likely to return. So it is important to build a positive-interaction based experience to drive more users to your site.

UX & New Start Ups or Small Businesses

User experience is important for all websites and applications. It is, however, even more important for small businesses and start-ups to create a positive impression. The quality of UX is going to have a huge impact on the traffic you generate in the future.

As a small business or start-up , the right UX can help build the momentum required to propel your business ahead. It takes just a few seconds for your visitors to determine whether your website is worth it or not. And user experience is going to play an even bigger role than graphics and other visual elements in keeping your visitors on your site and having the return for more.

Some of the potential issues in this regard can include:

  • Difficulty in comparing plans without creating account
  • Issues in creating account
  • Facing issues when filling applications
  • Overloaded servers or slow loading pages

Your goal should be to create a positive emotional connection with your site from the very beginning. The user experience is then going to translate into their perception of your brand image.

UX as a Ranking Factor

User experience is among the most important factors in search engine ranking. Google and other searches lay all the emphasis on how the searchers and visitors experience a webpage. So when you create a website that delivers great UX, it also contributes to your site’s enhanced search engine rankings.

There are 6 well-defined benefits of UX in web design and development that have been identified as the standards:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase in sales
  • Reduction in support & training costs
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Reduction in development costs & time
  • Increase in customer satisfaction

UX Designing Skills

Effective UX deliverance requires the following designings kills on the part of the web design and development team.

  • Research
  • Information architecture
  • Usability
  • Interaction design
  • Content
  • Visual design

With modern website builders addressing all these aspects, you can create your own website with excellent user experience. All the underlying functional elements are already addressed when creating websites using a good site builder.

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