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How Safe Is It To Use Car Transportation Firms?

Scams involving car shipment are rare but do occur in the transportation sector. Regardless of how professional a website for auto shipping may appear, there are frauds, and their prices are frequently too good for them to be true.

Car transportation companies think it deserves to be a stress-free process to ship your automobile cross-country.

Think about Sam. He had recently relocated between Sacramento, California, and Austin, Texas seeking a new job, and he had, at least in his mind, come up with the ideal moving strategy. Sam made the decision to take a flight to his new residence rather than drive his BMW there.

He hopped online and requested four quotations for automobile transport to compare costs. They were all rather close, but he decided on the one that was around $300 less expensive.

Sam called the friendly salesperson to arrange payment for his transportation, and once his car had been collected, he boarded a plane for Austin. Sam arrived at his new house and awaited the arrival of his automobile. He waited, too.

He phoned the automobile transportation firm to find out the whereabouts of his car because the driver hadn’t returned his call. The sales representative informed the customer that the cost of transporting his automobile had increased by $275.

Sam found out too late that the initially cheap price he was given was not a real quote, and he was now forced to pay hundreds of dollars extra to transport his automobile to his new residence.

Sam appears to have fallen victim to a vehicle delivery bait-and-switch scam because he did not do enough research before picking a firm that ships autos across the nation. Click here to read more about bait and switch business scams.

There are many vehicle shipping businesses out there, and several of these companies are in the practice of taking advantage of their gullible clients to make quick money. They advertise outstanding service for a reasonable price on websites that appear professional.

After all the hidden costs are revealed, buyers find that cheap estimates actually wind up costing them a fortune.

Like Sam, you can be duped by a bait-and-switch scheme in which you are offered a very low cost, but once your car is picked up, the business demands additional money, claiming that your cost has gone up.

There are reliable techniques to identify automobile shipment fraud and legitimate auto transport firms.

Do Your Homework

Gather information on car transportation services.  Obtain the entire firm name, including possible DBAs (Doing Business As), mailing addresses, and contact information (local and toll-free) of your prospective automobile mover. To obtain their official Department of Transportation (DOT) and Motorized Carrier (MC) license numbers, ask.

When you have all of this knowledge, go online and do further research.

If there is a list of grievances next to the business name, try not to be deterred. Even a well-known business will receive some unfavorable reviews. Make careful to determine whether the proportion is excessive by comparing the number of concerns to the total number of clients serviced.

For a corporation that shipped 100,000 automobiles in a year, even 100 complaints is less than 1%. In order to determine a company’s dedication to providing excellent customer service, see if the concerns were effectively addressed.

Make sure to look up any complaints made against the vehicle transport firm you are thinking about with the Better Business Bureau ( as well as the United States Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration (FMCSA).

Check out internet reviews of automobile transport

Nowadays, it has been customary to read internet evaluations before making a purchase of any kind. It will be easier for you to grasp the quality of service or product you will get if you look at other people’s suggestions. As a result, finding a trustworthy auto transfer business depends in large part on reading reviews.

Pay close attention to the terms and restrictions of your automobile moving quote.

All the information concerning transferring your automobile should be included in the price for cross-country shipping. Your customer support representative should have been able to explain the costs, the agreements, and any other queries you may have about transferring your automobile.

Ask whether payment is necessary. It shouldn’t be prior to the assignment of a driver.

Companies who are only interested in taking your money will work to collect it as soon as they can, and they could demand payment in advance even before an attendant is assigned.

That raises an alarm. A reliable auto shipping firm won’t demand money until a licensed driver has accepted your car for shipment. When your car arrives at its destination, you will be responsible for paying the outstanding debt.

Speak with the vehicle transport business

Whichever deal the auto transportation firm provided you, you should follow your gut. Pick up the phone and speak with a representative. If the business is not returning your calls or answering the phone, cross it off from the list and continue on to a more accommodating business. Calling a trustworthy auto-shipping company will result in a prompt response to your call and any queries you may have.

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