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Everything You Need To Know About Flu

Did you know flu was actually the abbreviation or contraction for the actual word influenza? If not, make sure the next time you are detected with any disease, not just flu, you know in-and-out about your illness. Not only will it help you protect yourself from this contagious respiratory illness, but it will also prevent you from falling prey to it. You will get answers to how and why does it spread, how long does it last, and what to do to get relief.

Besides all of this, a little knowledge never goes down the drain. To begin with, we all have either faced, or seen or heard of people in the lives of whom, flu created a ruckus, knocking them off, and making them bedridden at least for a weak. The reason why I have drafted this content piece to explain to you about this treacherous disease in details:


Well, if I have to explain you the root cause of the flu, it’s because of a virus-attack that infects your nose, lungs, and throat. Like many other diseases, you can either be mildly severely affected by the virus. I have enlisted some of the very common symptoms below:

  • Suffering from fever or feeling feverish. (Feverish: Feeling chills and wanting warm, but actually not catching temperature.)
  • Constantly coughing, one of the very common and well-known symptoms of flu.
  • You can also suffer from a sore throat, which is not a good feeling.
  • A running or stuffy nose, and if you are few among the unfortunate ones, both.
  • Muscle and body aches: the most awful one on the list because it is the most painful of all.
  • And ofcourse, major headaches.

You are most likely to suffer from any of these symptoms or in worst cases all if your body is experiencing flu. However, don’t forget, this is not an exhaustive list, i.e. there can always be exceptions because the flu might react differently to different body compositions. The above was only a list of the most common symptoms. Now that you are adept with the symptoms, let’s move on to the next topic –

How does it actually spread?

It’s certainly not magic that as soon as you are in contact with a person affected by flu, you are infected by the same disease. Here’s the scientific explanation behind it: Flu spreads through droplets, which are created when people with flu cough, sneeze or talk. More specifically, when such droplets land on your mouth or nose, is when you are also trapped in the clutches of this contagious disease.

Further, there are even studies suggesting that people can catch flu even when they touch surfaces or objects, which have flu viruses on them, because in turn consciously or unconsciously they will touch their mouth, nose, or even eyes – via which the flu virus will creep into your body.

Now that we know how does it spread, let us learn about its longevity, or how long would it last?

How long will it last?

Let me quickly dive into the crux and tell you that the flu with the highest intensity starts to get better within one week’s time or two. You are actually infected a day prior to when you actually know you are contagious, as symptoms start to show a day late. From then, it usually takes 5 to 7 days of time. Since it greatly varies on your immunity system, children will struggle slightly more than adults because of a developing immunity system. Also, patients with other diseases or people with weak immunity power might face the impacts a bit longer than expected.

The big question ahead

What to do to get relief?


This does not have any substitute. You will have to sleep longer, and if you are thinking that struggling with daily activities will not make a difference, you couldn’t be more wrong. As I mentioned, it is a play of your immunity system. It needs rest and lots of sleep to recover.

Treating cough with remedies

Most probably cough is going to bother you more than another symptom, so it’s wise to treat it separately. Of course, you can always consider cough syrups, but don’t forget to try some home remedies too.

Drink fluids

Fluids can help you get rid of the frigid cough in your chest and the sooner it is eliminated from your system; the faster you will recover. Thus, drink plenty of fluids when you are suffering from the flu.


It’s always better to consult a doctor, however, if your flu is still in the minor stages, it can be contained with few precautions and home remedies. However, If the body temperature is 103 or higher, or if the fever has been lasting for three days and more, reach out to your doctor immediately. Intake of dolo 650 mg tablet is the most preferred medicine for patients of flu.

Remember, precaution is always better than cure. While there’s no guarantee to prevent flu, make sure you do the best in your ability to avoid it.

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