How To Get Your First 1000 Spotify Plays

In this digital world, the industry of music streaming is growing day by day. Spotify is considered a mega music streaming platform which has over 100 million paid subscribers and 207 million users online. It is a great place to promote your music, become popular, grow a large fan base and connect with other artists within your niche.

Getting a huge number of Spotify plays is a great way to promote your music but new artists may have some difficulty to gain more Spotify plays. In this post, we will some tips and tricks for getting more Spotify plays with buying Spotify plays that in turns help you to expand more exposure.

How To Get Your Music On Spotify Playlists?

There are some ways that help you to get feature your music on Spotify playlists.

  • First off, create a Spotify artist account.
  • In order to get a feature in Spotify playlist, submit your unreleased audio track to the Editorial team of Spotify. You can submit your music to the curators who independently work such as Spingrey Soundplate, and more.
  • Alternatively, you can also send a message or email to the playlist curators and request them to add your songs in the playlists.
  • It is better to create a theme for the playlists that feature the tracks of other artists and update it on a regular basis.
  • Also, share the music content of other artists and follow them to build new relationships and discover more fans on this platform.
  • Don’t forget to share your playlist on your blog post, social profiles, and relevant sites in order to expand more exposure.
  • Also, promote your music content within this platform and encourage your listeners to follow you.
  • If you want to stand out from the crowd then always focus on quality music.
  • Always ready to take initiatives, stay positive and active, gain new followers and increase more Spotify plays with buying Spotify plays.

Spotify Promotion Tools

Spotify also offers you to promote your music content via different promotion resources and tools. There are some effective ways that help you to grow Spotify followers and plays using these promotion tools.

Spotify Ad Studio

Spotify Ad studio is the new and great platform for advertising and managing your marketing campaigns on Spotify. Spotify lets you create an audio advertisement for up to 30 seconds. The users on Spotify hear this audio during the advertisement break just like YouTube users watch the video clip during the ad break between videos. These ads are operative on both mobile and desktop platforms. You can also add clickable imagery to your ad that connected to the link of your choice.

Make A Spotify Code

You can also make a Spotify Code which is a scannable code called ‘QR’ code. This code is used to discover or share the music content within the platform. The artist and brand profile can create this Spotify code. Even you can make a Spotify code for songs, playlists, and albums as well. You can also embed this code on blog, social media and websites. All these tips and tricks help you to cater to a number of plays when you pair them with buying Spotify plays.

How To Grow Plays And Flowers By Hacking Spotify

The artists and musicians who earn the highest place on Spotify work on the algorithm-driven Spotify playlists. Although, Spotify playlists get you a lot of recognition you can get more plays from algorithmic playlists such as discover weekly and release radar.

These algorithmic playlists are extremely vital to increase your presence on this biggest music streaming platform. In this post, we will discuss the ways to grow Spotify plays and followers with buying Spotify plays including by Release Radar. Let’s get started!

Release Radar

Most of the artists incline to focus on getting on the bigger playlists which Enable Grammarly wherever you type is a great idea but the algorithmic playlists will take your music to the next level. For example, Release Radar is updated on a weekly basis when the artists release their new soundtracks.

It is customized playlists that each user can enjoy while big playlists are curated ones. Although, most people on Spotify don’t prefer to listen to curated ones. There are two things that you can do to get more Spotify plays from algorithmic playlists.

Release New Music Often

Don’t stay away too long from Spotify. Release your new music more often. When you adopt this rule, listeners waiting for your music craft especially when you are dropping EPs.

Build your Spotify Fan Base

Your followers on Spotify listen to your music from Release Radar. Try to build a good relationship with your fans. Engage with them and build a loyal audience. But remember one thing that doesn’t measure your popularity on how many streams you get. But you can gauge your success on this online music streaming that how many people can be adding your songs to their playlists, and share it on their social media profiles. There are also some tips to promote your Spotify profile.

  • You must have an active presence on all social profiles. Share your soundtracks here as a post and in a story on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat.
  • Add the link of your Spotify profile in your Instagram bio. Use the link to get more clicks.
  • Share the link of your Spotify profile and tracks on Facebook groups.
  • Make your own playlists and keep them updated regularly. Choose a theme or genre and add all the songs according to this theme or genre.
  • In order to promote your music craft on Instagram, make a video post using free apps and ask the followers to follow you on Spotify.
  • Don’t put too many soundtracks in a single playlist, only add 30 to 50 tracks in a single playlist.
  • You can also make a playlist by adding songs of other artists to get more plays.
  • Buying Spotify plays help you to get more plays and real followers in no time.

Bottom Line

Although buying Spotify plays greatly help you to give more exposure when you follow the above-mentioned methods, your plays will also grow and your presence will inflatable on the biggest streaming platform.

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