How to Get Control Over the Money Mess and Emerge Victorious

Money is the cause of everything but at the same time, money is also the cure of everything. You cannot avoid loving it, the only problem is, it has a fickle nature and you need to do efforts to keep it calm. The whole world works for it, and from birth to death, one cannot deny the presence of money.

When a baby comes in the world, money comes in the picture in the name of lot of arrangement for the new guest. Similarly, the coffin where you rest to meet the heaven has its own cost. See, even death is not free. The precise crux of the story is, you live or die, money is going to stay with you and then behind you in this world.

Sometimes in the name of a sudden need and sometimes in the form of scarcity, finances keep taking test of your money management skills. It is an ongoing process and demands some organised approach to stop coming. May be you cannot stop it, but at least can make it less or ‘not at all’ dominating.

However, it can be difficult to do so as finances are fickle but surely it is not a rocket science too. There can be ways, which can help to tackle the imbalance of finances and then it becomes possible to achieve the absolute control over the financial life.

Discipline is important as every penny counts

There should always be a clear difference between the greed and need when you spend money. A luxury car can be your greed but in reality your existing car (may be old) deserves to stay if it fulfills your needs. In the greed, you buy a new car and then struggle to adjust the hefty installments in the already limited monthly budget. Regret is a bad thing to experience and in finances, it becomes worst as the financial matters affect many aspects of life.

You cannot create imbalance in other things because of the desire for one thing. Say good-bye to uncontrolled desires and pay attention to more important things. Gas, grocery, electricity are more important things in routine life that should get the priority in the name of expenses.

Go for shopping on discount days

The malls and showrooms have their discount days that offer 50 or more than 50% discount. Exploit these days as much as you can. Make it a practice and then you can see a HUGE difference in what you spent in ‘no discount days’ and what hugely less amount you need to spend while shopping on a ‘discount day’.

The money management is all about smart and calculative approach. Make smart choices, buy things that you can value but do not buy things that you do not need or want. More rational you stay about your finances, more balanced remain the situations.

 Manage the financial crisis on your own

Cash crunch or money crisis is common in everyone’s life. You cannot control it and you cannot avoid it. But one thing you can avoid is the habit of taking financial help from friends and family. If you do this, then stop it right now.

More depended you stay on the people around you, weaker you become in the money management. A time comes when all will stop helping and then you will need to do things on your own. In that situation it becomes impossible to gain back the confidence and creativity to manage the things on your own.

In the place of borrowing funds from friends or family, borrow a short term loan from a lender. For instance, the 6 month loans are for short-term needs and available online with not much formalities of paperwork and obligations. A loan is a responsibility, as you need to pay the monthly installments. Your efforts to pay the installments make you versed in management of monthly budget.

Miss not to save money

From decades, to centuries and eras, the importance of savings is always in the trend. No generation on this planet can ever deny the importance of saving money. Remember your mother saving every possible single penny despite the countless expenses? That saving always became the backbone of your family during the tough times. Traditional ways never go out of trend.

Save money as much as you can. Make a target, set an amount and save it every month. But, do not feel demoralized if in any month you fail to save the set amount. May be not that much, but whatever is possible, save it. You realist later how precious that saving is. Forget not to stay very regular in this habit as this also teaches to stay disciplined in the money matters.

Think about the alternative ways of earning

The world is full of opportunities and it has a place for everyone. If you are doing job then look for some freelance opportunity or if you stay at home then from the full time jobs to part-time choices are open for you. Make no mistake to underestimate yourself.

From a manual skill to a professional proficiency, use every possible bit of your talent and materialized it into a financial reward. Polish your skills whether it is painting, voice over artist, content writer or any other thing, then explore the related opportunities. If possible, take a coaching or class and develop skills that can earn you some money.

Invest in promising options

Investment on a good choice can give a great twist to your life. Explore the investment opportunities, if necessary take financial advice from a professional. For a suggestion, compound interest products can really bring the BIG difference in life.

The world knows its potential, let it work for you too. Also, interest on savings account is another safe and assured source of earning extra money by doing nothing. Another thing is, although it may sound odd, but if possible, invest in some property. This may be a big decision today but it secures your tomorrow.

The money needs mature treatment and for that, you need to develop a creative and wise attitude towards finances. Develop it and then there is no imbalance in money matters.

Atif Mallo

Atif Mallo is a freelance blogger with huge interest in technology, science, life hacks and health. He loves coffee, cheesecake and chess. Drop a line in comments to leave feedback for him.

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