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GCU Student Portal Login: Helpful Guide to Grand Canyon University Student Parent and Faculty Portal

GCU Student Portal Login – Education is considered the most necessary thing to consider in everybody’s life. One should know that it will become difficult to survive in this competitive world without an education. Whenever we follow the education system, it is important for us to join one of the best universities in order to complete college life that too in a smoother way without any backlogs.

The Grand Canyon University student portal or GCU was established in August 1949 at Prescott, Arizona by Arizona Southern Baptist Convention. Grand Canyon University offers different courses like nursing, doctoral studies, social sciences, humanities, fine arts, and more. There are thousands of faculty and employees working in GCU with nearly 20,000 students.

Grand Canyon University Online offers my gcu student portal services online. This online portal gives students the opportunity to get standard education facilities and to the advanced level.

Have you been searching for the GCU student portal or how to create a new account and log in to the GCU student portal account? This guide shows you how to access the GCU student portal to create an account and also perform other account-related activities like login, forgetting passwords, and other relevant information.

How To Create a Student Account At GCU Portal?

To get all the facilities and details provided by GCU on the student portal, you have to register first. You need to follow the below-provided steps for My GCU Student Portal registration. A student must register and create a student portal account because it comprises many facilities and is highly knowledgeable.

  • First of all, open the web browser and mention the given link: After opening the link, it will navigate you to the Grand Canyon University registration page.
  • After opening the GCU registration link, choose the “Create New Account” tab and press it.
  • You have to mention some essential details such as schooling, Email Address, school name, Password, Confirm Password, First and last, Contact Number, Name type of education, and many more.
  • Select the field, level of degree, and more that you wish to pursue and the program you are interested in, and if you wish to do it online or on campus, and press the “Next” button.
  • Now, you have to mention your account details, and your GCU Student Registration for the portal has been completed.

How to Login GCU Student Portal

  1. First, click on Grand Canyon University’s official website
  2. Once you are on the homepage you are greeted with the “Entering Lope Country” information.
  3. Here you are provided a link to a step-by-step guide on how you can safely and securely log in to the portal.
  4. You are also informed to navigate to gcu tech support if you need more additional technical assistance on the university portal.
  5. On the GCU student portal, you have different login pages. There is a gcu login for
    1. “Student Access” login,
    2. “Faculty Access” login,
    3. ‘Parent Access” login.
  6. You can also visit the “Learn About GCU” page for added information about the Christian grand canyon university.

How to Login to GCU Parent Portal

  • Visit the GCU parents’ portal via
  • Tab on “Parent Access
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Tab on “Login” to log in

How to Login/Access GCU Faculty Login

  • Visit
  • Navigate and click on “Faculty Access
  • Enter your Username and password.
  • Tab on “Sign in” to log in

The username must be followed by ‘

How to Reset GCU Student Portal Password?

  • Go to the official website and choose the “Student Access” button.
  • If you are a Grand Canyon University student, choose the “Forgot my Password” tab.
  • Now, mention your Grand Canyon University email, password, and CAPTCHA, and then press the “Next” button.
  • Now, you will get two main options to reset your password.
  • Please choose a suitable option like Text my mobile phone, Email my alternative and Call my mobile phone.
  • Now, your password for the Grand Canyon University student portal has been successfully reset.

How to Access LoudCloud Classroom in the GCU Portal

Accessing your LoudCloud classroom is as easy as logging into the GCU Portal.

  1. Login to my GCU Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the My Courses option in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Tap on your course code from the list of options underneath My Courses to be taken directly to that class.

Keep in mind that per GCU policy, previous courses will remain available for six weeks. After this point, they may be archived at any time and will disappear from the My Courses list in your GCU Portal. It is recommended that you save any content that you would like to keep from your course within six weeks of it ending.

How to Register Courses Online

The Course Registration app in the GCU Student Portal allows Traditional Students to change their course registration before the new semester and pick new course times if they choose.

Students can make changes to their course schedule up to 2 weeks before the new semester starts. To make schedule changes after the deadline, please contact your Student Services Counselor.

To Access The App

  • Select the Course Registration app.
  • You will then be directed to a Student Self-Registration page at
  • To see other course options, select the Change button next to the respective course.

NOTE: Students will not be able to change the course that they are scheduled for, just the section. Contact your Student Services Counselor if you would like to change any of the courses you are taking for the upcoming semester.

How to Check Your GCU Grades/Results

Once your instructor has posted your final grades, you can review them by logging into the GCU Portal.

  • Login to GCU Dashboard
  • Locate and Tap on the Class Schedule / Grades app.
  • If you have more than a one-degree program, you can change it from the drop-down menu under Choose a program of study.
  • There are three sections from which you can view your courses: Current, Scheduled, and Completed. You can filter the courses you see by clicking the plus or minus sign next to each section.
  • To download a full list of all of your courses and grades, click on the Download Schedule option at the top of the screen

Important steps for GCU Student Portal login process

  • So, for people who are struggling to know more about the steps to be followed for the login process, then you can have a look at them below. Make sure to follow all the steps without skipping them.
  • At first, you need to have your device and move ahead to the online portal that you are looking for it by connecting to your internet.
  • You can choose the right web browser and proceed further to log in.
  • Once entered the portal by following the right web address, you will get to see the MyGCU student portal.
  • Now, you need to search for the respective login options and tap on the right option.
  • Once done with the selection of options, it is necessary for you to enter with the support of GCU student portal login credentials.
  • Make sure to check whether the entering username and password are valid or not.
  • If it is valid, then tap on the sign-in button to enter further.

Grand Canyon University GCU Student Portal Features

  • Contacts the faculties/apartments for admission into the university.
  • Counselling Service is offered by specialists.
  • On the “Learn About GCU” portal, you can have access to both the search and apply options.
  • You can search for a campus or online program and then submit an application on this portal.
  • You will have access to both the on-campus as well as online courses and you can request more information if you need to.
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Colleges can monitor the performance of students at each stage and can help and guide them.
  • Online entrance test
  • This portal also gives students access to a list of evening programs that they can apply for.
  • In addition, you will be able to apply for course/program transfer here as well.
  • Students can ask for academic help on the web and can obtain support from different experts.
  • Complete details about GCU Academic Year (AY)
  • Counseling and guidance facility.

Things to Know About The MyGCU Parent Portal

On the other side, you can also check out the parent portal which is very similar when compared to student login as well. In order to handle the parent portal, all you need to do is replace your details like the username and password of students with a parent account.

At the end of the day, in order to complete the process of signing in, make sure to use the credentials properly. However, once entered, you will get an idea to proceed further without any hassles for sure.

Important Links of Gcu Student Portal

Given below are some of the important links to gcu student portal.

Current StudentsClick here
AlumniClick here
AthleticsClick here
ArenaClick here
Lope ShopsClick here
GCBCClick here
Canyon PromotionsClick here
Lope HouseClick here
GCU Golf CourseClick here
Canyon 49 GrillClick here
GCU HotelClick here

Wrapping Up

Being in a popular university like the Grand Canyon has a lot of perks. Experience fulfilling student life by being a part of it and get a hold of enough information to help you push your career further. Their star-studded alumni make the journey all the more worth it!

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