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MySlice Student Portal Login Guide – Syracuse University

MySlice Syracuse Login and Registration Guide – – My slice is the portal developed by Syracuse University. This portal can help students in many segments such as academic, administrative, financial, employment-related, and many more.

MySlice is the official service portal for financial, academic, employment, and administrative matters at Syracuse University. Students can register for classes, pay Bursar bills, view grades, select housing, and meal plans, and more.

Faculty and staff can upload grades, view paychecks or time off, manage benefits, and more. Log in here to access your mail, MySlice, Blackboard, SUShare, and more, or to access your school’s intranet.

All the people at Syracuse University, such as; students, applicants, staff, and faculty members, can access My Slice.

Uses of MySlice Login

  • Students can register for the classes
  • They can view their grades
  • They can pay Bursar bills, select housing, and meal plans
  • Students can receive notifications and information
  • It is a secure platform for sharing or communicating the crucial information

How to Login to Myslice Account?

To log into my slice follow the steps below

  • To log in to my slice, first, navigate to
  • Click on the Student-Faculty-Staff button.
  • This will take you to the Microsoft Outlook sign-in page.
  • Enter your full Syracuse University email address.
  • Click Next.
  • Enter your account password.
  • Click Sign In to access your account.
  • Some users may be prompted to configure Microsoft Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

How to Reset MySlice Account Forgotten Password?

Simply follow the steps below to reset your password for the My Slice dashboard.

  • Navigate to the My Slice from the URL Shared above
  • You will be directed to the My Slice Student Portal login page
  • Click on the Forgot Password Link
  • Follow the screen instructions to get your account password recovered in a minute.

Why Can’t you access My Slice Portal?

You are unable to access the login page of the My Slice Portal because of the following

  • Wrong username
  • Wrong Password
  • Wrong website address
  • Poor internet connection

How to Activate Myslice NetID?

Once you have received your SUID number, which is included in your letter of admission from Syracuse University,

  • After getting your SUID
  • Visit
  • Click ‘Activate your Net ID
  • Follow the instruction
  • After completing the procedure, you will get an email or notification

How do You Change myslice Netid password?

Myslice netid password Change Process is a very easy process that can be completed in a few minutes.

  • First, go to the myslice website and sign in.
  • Once you are signed in, click on “change password” in the top right corner.
  • Enter your old password, your new password, and your new password again.
  • Then click “change password” or contact faculty.

How To Access Syracuse Blackboard Login?

Once a student registers for a course that is using Blackboard, a student account is automatically set up, and the student is enrolled in the appropriate course(s). Users log in to Blackboard with the same NetID and password used to log in to My Slice.

Courses are only visible to students in Blackboard after they have been made available by the instructor. For students to see and access current and previous courses in Blackboard, instructors will need to make them available.

To log in to Syracuse Blackboard, you will need your NetID and password.

  • Feed the following URL into your web browser
  • In the username field, put your NetID (e.g., abc123).
  • In the secret key field, feed your suitable data.
  • Click Login.

Creating Parent Proxy Accounts on My Slice Portal

Students and applicants need to follow these instructions for creating a parent/proxy account on My Slice. Each student account can create three accounts for various individuals with different access levels.

  • Students can find the “Share My Access” tile on Student Home, while applicants can find “Share My Access” tim]le on Application Home.
  • Click the “Add a new proxy account.”
  • Now enter the account name, which must include at least six characters long, be in upper case, and must begin with the number 1
  • Enter a password of a minimum of six or a maximum of eight, and your password should have the number (0-9) with one special character.
  • Enter the first, and last name, and email address of the parent, guardian, or family member to whom you are granting access.
  • You can select the sections of My Slice, that you would like to share
  • Applicants may see fewer options than students.
  • Read the terms and conditions for creating a shared access account and check the box next to the term; click on that.
  • Click “Save All Changes”
  • After clicking, you will receive a notification on the top right side of the same page.
  • Click the “Return” button.
  • parent/guardian or family member for who you are creating the account will receive an email informing them that an account has been created
  • Now account owners can log in to the selected section on My Slice by navigating to

How to Login to Parent/Proxy Accounts?

  • To log in, parent/proxy account users should navigate to
  • The username and password are created and managed by the student.
  • The username is provided via email or directly from the student and will begin with a ‘1.’
  • To log in, enter your username and email address

Myslice Syracuse Login Help

For support of the information above, contact below. Let us go through and select the way to contact you without making any second thoughts.

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