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Follow These Tips To Be On Track And Keep Setbacks At Bay!

When the plan is to stay in good shape, the mission seems quite easy – you set your fitness objectives and start working on them in the gym or around the kitchen, and everything’s on track… that’s until you hit a wall and it all seems to stop working.

Perhaps it was some trip with your colleagues that threw off the regime or it was the cold that didn’t let you get out of bed all weekend.

Well, irrespective of the reason that has put you off track, you’ll always have a chance to get back onto it. We, of course, know that it’s easier said than done. However, since we wouldn’t want you to give up easily, in this article we’ve compiled a few recommendations from a professional personal trainer city of london that will encourage you to power through, even though it seems impossible.

Figure out what inspires you

When on the mission of accomplishing something big, it’s practically guaranteed t that you’re likely to run into failure at some point or the other – whether you like it or not. But know that whatever keeps you from giving up is much deeper than being able to fit into those pair of skinny jeans or the impending swimsuit season.

One of the best ways to make certain that you never quit is to dig deeper and discover what inspires you from within. No doubt eating healthily and working out daily seems like a real battle, but you’ve got to keep working towards achieving your desired goals in order to lead the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Also, put away all those superficial perks that’ll come your way when on the fitness journey, as they’re just additional bonuses. Simply power through those bad days and push all your limits on good days. That’s how you reach fitness success.

Put long and short term goals in place

Setting goals without having a proper plan in place will only make it all the more difficult for you to attain your bigger goals. More to the point, having bigger motives without the micro ones will make it even harder in the grand scheme of things.

Look at it this way – you’re planning to go on a road trip and will be driving cross-country. Now, would you prefer driving for 5 days straight without any entertainment or would you like to break it down into small trips, visiting various places?

Without any second thought into this sort of thing, you’ll go ahead with the latter because going on a soulless trip would be the last thing you’d ever want.

So, similarly, when it comes to fitness, do set some smaller goals since achieving them will keep you motivated to work towards the bigger ones.

Be ready to mess it up a bit

At the end of the day, all of us are human, meaning we will all mess things up at some point, especially when things seem to be going great. That’s usually how it happens. It could be anything from straining your muscles that puts you on bed rest for days,  therefore losing your mojo and finding it difficult to go to the gym. No matter what the situation, keep these things in mind:

  • Everyone messes up at one point
  • You must dig deep to find the motivation to get back on track

If you’re able to keep these things in mind, you can for sure pivot promptly and take those setbacks in your stride. Incorporating healthy habits into your daily life isn’t like a sprint, it’s like running a marathon – only when you pace up will you be able to reach your destination.

Leave regrets at the doorstep

So, recently you haven’t hit the gym frequently at all, you’ve eaten loads of junk and to top it off, you have gained some unwanted weight – now, what is it that you’re going to do next?

Well, what’s done is done, so stop fretting over it and being burdened with regrets. Start from where you left off and continue pushing through. When on the path of achieving your set fitness goals, it will do no good to you by living in the past.

What’s more, it’s very easy to be bogged down with regrets about not being able to stick to the plan you set yourself. But at the end of it all, you’ll only be taken further away from your goals, so just accept that you fell off the bandwagon momentarily and hop right back on it!

Of course, do think about what took you off track, but don’t let that stop you from going continuing moving forward anyway. You will certainly face failure at some point or the other, and that is certainly likely when you are trying to get fit. Even your body starts to reject methods that previously worked, meaning you have to fine-tune your workout schedule to ensure that your body is being worked out effectively.

Achieving your desired goals means rolling with whatever comes your way and pushing hard to work towards success. Believe us, you’re already halfway there if you’ve got through this post. It means you’re serious about achieving the goals you’ve set yourself.

Like it’s always said – it’s the journey that actually matters, even if you’re only experiencing it because you have a set goal in mind at the end of it!

So, whenever you feel like throwing in the towel on your fitness journey and giving up to instead binge in front of the TV, bear in mind that every day is a new day to start afresh, so if you messed up a little, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Now, buckle up, think about why you took up this journey in the first place and be proud of yourself for what you’ve managed to achieve so far.

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