Five Reasons Why Customer Service Is Crucial For Almost Every Business

We have heard a thousand times that sentence which claims that the customer is always right, but is it true? and why has it become so viral? Actually, this phrase has a part of the truth. If a client is happy with our products or services, he will recommend them, and it will benefit us enormously.

It is said that the sentence is right because if a client is not satisfied then not only he will not recommend our brand, but also, he will spread a bad image of it. But these are not the only reasons why we should not skimp on investing time and money in our customer service, here we present five.


The image of a company is based on the beliefs, attitudes and perceptions that audiences have about a company or brand. This means that it is the form in which that public interprets the set of signals coming from the products, services and communications, emitted by the brand.

Therefore, it is important that the customer perceives a good image of the company, and for this is crucial to have a cordial and polite treatment with consumers if we want that they trust us and can feel heard by us. A positive image can help us to be more famous for potential clients.

Customer loyalty

A good image coupled with good customer service will develop what is known as customer loyalty. This means that the client will decide to come back to us every time he needs it, and he will choose us before the competitors. Offering various options on the product, services or secure payment methods will increase this fact.


When a client feels that he is being listened and connects with us, he will give visibility to our site and will be more willing to share something about us in social networks. This will increase the traffic to our website and thus, the number of sales.

Save some money

If we achieve that customers trust in our brand, and therefore be loyal to it, we will not have to invest so much money in strategies to promote our site. Clients will do, even without being aware of it. Undoubtedly, this is an advantage because we will be saving money in some marketing strategies that we would use to engage more potential clients.

Competitive advantage

If consumers decide to prioritise to us between the competitors, that not only would mean more sales but also that people trust us and enhance the brand image. It would make that we had an advantage over the competition.

Undoubtedly, it is difficult that everybody loves us, but we should try to like as many people as possible. For this, as it was shown previously, good customer service is essential because it will help to save money while our brand grows and gains positive reputation. Many reputed business blogs are discussing the importance of customer service nowadays.

Knowing this, many companies decide that the users can value services by themselves through, for example, comments. This makes customers feel that they can express their opinions and that there is someone who listens to them.

On the other hand, thanks to Social Media platforms, they can contact the company in an easier way.

Also, it would be important to add that even having good customer service we should invest money on some important strategies for our brand as it is the positioning of our website. For this purpose, it is advisable to hire a local SEO agency to help with the task at hand.

This is just another of the key strategies to make your brand can expand in the market. So, remember to be polite and friendly with customers if you want to achieve the best image, loyalty and competitive advantage. A smile never hurts!

This article has been written by Lorena Garcia-Rodriguez.

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