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Five Benefits of Using Online Bulk SMS Services

When it comes to choosing a service, everyone wants to choose the best. Each decision is determined by the cost-benefit ratio. It is all due to the increasing pressure to maintain the profitability of the company.

In such a scenario, the choice for an online SMS service is also no exception. Entrepreneurs want to know the functions and benefits of the SMS service provider before signing the contract.

Here are five unique benefits that everyone should know.

Immediate delivery

You send the text message and it is delivered in an instant. Yes, the speed of texting is just incredible. Due to the ultra-fast delivery, companies that need broad coverage are preferred. Statistics show that it takes no more than seven seconds for the text message to reach the recipient. So, you no longer have to worry about communication with customers.

It offers an efficient platform

With SMS marketing you get an efficient platform to communicate your message. The SMS platform is versatile and flexible. That is why you can group customers to send messages based on selective criteria. Message customization is also available so that you can send personalized messages. It gives a personal touch. Whether it is about transactions or promotion, communication or information; the SMS platform serves customers in the best way.

High readability

Text messages offer high readability. Statistics show that people tend to read messages within the first two minutes of delivery. Almost 97 percent of the messages get the reader’s attention. So, you can be sure that your communication has been received.


SMS marketing offers higher reliability. Other communication platforms such as e-mail run the risk of being missed. They can go to the spam folder or be filtered. When you send an SMS, it is guaranteed that it will reach the customer’s inbox without problems.

Higher conversion

Due to their high readability and reliability, you can expect a high conversion after sending a communication via SMS. The more customers read your messages; the higher the possibility to get new customers on board. The use of the SMS platform guarantees higher business growth. It is one of the best marketing tools available today.

Sustainable growth can only be guaranteed by choosing the best SMS service. Since the conventional means of communication are no longer effective with the changing business scenario, it is inevitable to shift the focus to new-age tools such as online text messaging services.

This is how text messaging marketing helps you engage your customers better

SMS marketing is one of the best ways to maximize customer engagement for your business. If you still have to be convinced, here are a few reasons:

Communicate with customers with cost-effectiveness

Unlike the conventional email marketing method and other marketing options, SMS marketing is quite affordable. For example, the costs of Facebook Ad or Google Ad are considerably higher than the of mobile texts.

With the affordable SMS marketing technology, you can prevent leaking of marketing expenses, especially during the first days of your business. If you want to find a way to minimize your marketing costs to make contact with your customers, you can provide SMS marketing without any problems.

Higher open rate than emails

Research shows that mobile texts are opened up to 98% of the time when they are received by your customers. This is considerably higher than the open speed of e-mails.

In the future, it is very common that emails end up in the Spam folder and flyers are sometimes thrown away without even looking at it. More often than not, mobile phone texts do not go unnoticed. Due to the higher open SMS speed, you can get in more contact with your customers.

Never lose your customers

Since business owners are using mobile texts more than ever and the conversion rate is higher than with all other marketing media, it’s a good idea not to overlook this.

After all, mobile texts ensure the greatest exposure to your marketing campaign. Because it is an essential part of the marketing campaign, mobile texts are quite mobile-friendly. Your customers will, therefore, be more likely to be busy with your company through their mobile phones.

Get in touch with a wide range of customers

Although most users have mobile devices with an internet connection, some users may only have a phone with a function without an internet connection.

Instead of targeting just one segment of demographics, target different types of demographics that can be converted in the future using mobile text messaging.

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Hi, I’m Sheikh Irfan, I am a Digital Marketing Executive for SMSala. I am passionate about all things marketing and have extensive knowledge of SMS marketing. I have worked closely alongside big brands to implement and manage SMS campaigns.

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