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Exercises to Improve Circulation and Health

Knowing the state of our blood circulation has been one of the most disregarded processes that occur in our body, no matter how essential it is to our overall health. A circulatory system that works well results in better functioning of the heart and the blood vessels produces sufficient oxygen throughout the body. However, a poor circulatory system produces worse effects like experiencing numbness, colder sensation to the affected areas, and appearance of varicose and spider veins.

Fortunately, there are lots of natural ways to prevent poor blood circulation in our system, and one of these is by exercising. It is possible because as the muscles are contracted on higher levels, more blood moves rapidly through the blood vessels and this makes the blood circulation better.

The following are some of the routines that you can make to ensure better blood circulation in our body.

Squats to Row

This exercise can be a cardio and resistance workout with the presence of a resistance band.

To do this:

  • Attach a resistance band on an anchor position, up to the abdomen level
  • Hold both of the band’s ends and step a foot or so away, then squat down with arms that are fully extended
  • As you pull the band, come to a full upright pose and keep the elbows close to the body
  • Repeat for 3 sets, each with 10-15 repetitions


Nothing beats the benefits of doing push-ups, and this can also help you enhance your body’s blood circulation. As it strengthens the arms, chest and other extremities, so is the heart.

For those who cannot do it on the toes, avoid doing it with the knees. Instead, do it while placing the hands on a bench or other inclined object to maintain the core and stabilize the muscles in a planking position.

Ankle Pumps

This routine helps to enhance the calf muscles, the lower extremity muscles located near the veins and arteries. The contraction of these muscles helps the blood and lymph to move through the veins in the lower legs since this is more prone to inflammations and pains from poor blood circulation.

To do this:

  • Do a comfortable standing position. Afterwards, raise the heels and transfer the weight of your feet
  • Squeeze the calf muscles for one second. As you squeeze it, avoid doing it too strongly or too lightly.
  • Repeat the routine for 3 sets, with 20 repetitions

Diaphragmatic Breathing

This may seem to become too simple to help enhance the blood circulation, but it is also beneficial to this process. It helps to stimulate the structures of the lymph that contribute to the enhancement of nutrient delivery inside the body and in removing the waste products between body tissues and bloodstream.

To do this:

  • Lie down, putting one hand on the belly and the other hand on the chest
  • Slowly breathe in, and try to raise the hand on the belly while the other hand in the chest is not rising
  • Breathe in this way for about 5 minutes

To make the best in making your circulatory system healthier, you can use devices that can make your exercising better, like Dr. Ho’s circulatory promoter. If interested, link to buy it at Halo Health.

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