Don’t Break the Bank: Financial Tips to Know Before You Renovate Your Kitchen

Homeowners tend to blow their budget for renovating their kitchen due to a lack of careful planning. Planning everything to know what you’ll need before you start to renovate is the essential part of cutting costs. Despite the hard work and stress, remodeling your kitchen is a great investment.

You also have to know why you’re renovating your kitchen in the first place because understanding the reason for renovating your kitchen will be your motivator. Remodeling will not only make your kitchen function neatly and effectively, but it will also make your home more beautiful.

You can make a massive impact on the renovation of your kitchen without the need to break the bank by choosing to include low-cost tasks that will also significantly improve the productivity and beauty of your kitchen. Here are some financial tips:

Do Your Homework and Research

Frequently doing research before you make concrete decisions will decrease the likelihood of you changing your mind during mid-projects or even at the last minute. Doing such changes because of indecisiveness will cause the kitchen project’s cost to skyrocket if you aren’t cautious.

You have to set a budget for your renovating project, and this doesn’t necessarily mean that you crunch numbers. Before you do computations to set the budget, you have to know what’s available in the market. You could either visit showrooms, check out trade shows, searching online resources, and reading magazines.

For example, cabinets that have been estimated in stain-grade plywood, and you want a last-minute change to cherry wood will pump up the cost to your estimated budget. It’d be the same scenario if you decided you’d rather have six drawers in your kitchen island rather than two.

Knowing the Breakdown of the Costs to Set a Budget

It’s vital to set a budget for your kitchen project and to stick to it. It’s possible for the costs of the kitchen remodel to increase more than expected, but it will keep on rising if you also don’t have a set spending limit.

The general rule for the breakdown of costs is 35% for cabinets, 20% for appliances, 5% for fixtures, and 20% for labour. The 20% remainder should be laid aside for other items such as windows, fittings, and unexpected issues that need fixing.

You could also cut down the costs as low as possible if you can handle if not half, some of the preparatory work or labour yourself. There are TV shows that will show you how to remove the appliances, pull up the floor, and remove the cabinets instead of paying extras for labour that you could easily do yourself.

Ask Your Builder

The person you could trust with for your kitchen project is your builder, for they’re the most reliable person to be able to provide you with a breakdown of the costs including:

  • Supplies. lumber, insulation, hardware, cabinets, windows and doors, etc.
  • Subcontractors. plumber, electrician, painters, tile installers, heating contractor, etc.

You don’t just want to hire any person to manage your kitchen project. You’d want to hire a reliable expert to help you design as well as manage the project. There must be reputable home improvement companies around your area, but kitchen renovations Melbourne are most willing to help you the budget kitchen you dream of.

Further, it’s vital that you be honest with your builder since they will organise and adjust a project that will fit your set budget. You also have to consult your builder most of the time during the renovation project to make sure that your plan and budget is being followed accordingly.


The kitchen is the most expensive space to renovate in your home, but that doesn’t mean that cutting the costs is impossible. With careful planning, proper research, and a reliable expert that’s there to help you, reducing the costs to achieve a beautiful and productive kitchen can be made possible.

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