DIY Fashion Has No Limits Or Intention To Stop You, So Join It!

Surely you have been listening to DIY for a while. They are the initials of Do it yourself. Behind this expression is a whole culture of art, creativity, crafts, fashion and activities. But its origin is not exactly this. We tell you how this culture was really born.

To know to what extent DIY is so widespread in our society. The idea of ​​being oneself who has designed his/her dresses and outfits on his/her own (in which you look unique and fashionable) is, to say the least, really appealing. It is one of the reasons (along with low prices) for these fashion Ideas to succeed. It makes us feel satisfied with ourselves.

Let’s start with the shirts

As you can see now that you are at home due to coronavirus, you can take advantage of the time to customize some old clothes that you have in the closet. For example, if we need to customize an old shirt to make a lockdown outfit then it only can be possible with DIY tips and tricks. There are millions of possibilities without having materials or a sewing machine. We can personalize them, modify them to get a new style, transform them into another garment. You can even turn a long-sleeved shirt into a short top for the summer. It is a simple DIY with which you can take advantage of to give a new life to a shirt that is a little more used.

And since we talk about converting shirts, you can also customize the style of a basic DIY top with scissors to get a super innovative result, or a sports shirt to go cute to do sports.

Bottom wear is easy to customize

Let’s go with the pants! Some pants can go from being a simple day-to-day garment to one with a lot of style with which you can give a turn to your look. You can get it with this DIY in which you will only need a scissors and pants. You can also customize the pants pockets to create a very cool effect. Another DIY project that you can do at home without using a sewing machine, scissors and your outfit ideas is to make rips in your jeans. It is a trend that has been taking a lot in recent years and that can help you give life to jeans that you do not wear so much.

We go down and we get to the shoes

Let’s put the sight in this spring summer season to customize some loafers in a very simple way and to personalize footwear to achieve a very cool result. Another type of casual footwear is snickers that you can use in any season and that surely can be wore with t-shirts. In this DIY, you will be able to know how to give yourself a touch with your own artistic mindset. These all the DIY fashion tips are perfect for college and hostel students.

If you love the DIY fashion then you can follow LIT (initials of Living In Trend) YouTube Channel where two fashion stylists Deepali Choudhary and Divyanshi Tripathi explain how DIY works in fashion in the playlist of FML (Find My Look).

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