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Confused Between SEO And PPC: Consider Both

The recent trends in digital marketing are beneficial to all marketers and enterprises. Many tools have helped in generating website traffic as well as turn visitors into customers. The two most commonly used strategies for attracting traffic and potential customers are SEO and PPC.

Both are highly useful tools giving rise to the question – which one should you choose? Should you drop both of these strategies and find an entirely new plan to pump your products’ sales? Or, should you club both these tools and get the best of both worlds?

We suggest that you should club both the strategies and let us explore this thought further.

SEO – One of the most popular digital marketing steps. It is an organic activity that focuses on increasing traffic with the help of keywords, web page optimization, and link-building.

PPC – Pay per click is a paid activity that helps to target the relevant customers looking for a particular product or service. It is an advertisement visible to users on specific keywords.

Implementing Only SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that helps optimize your web page or website’s content. The aim is to improve ranking of your digital property on SERP. By taking the best SEO services, you can fulfil your aim of guiding more traffic to desired websites or product pages online.

Since organic search contributes to 51% of traffic generators, SEO is a digital marketing tool you cannot afford to drop. While it does not have a direct cost akin to a PPC marketing effort, you will need the services of an SEO agency in India or hire in-house experts to gain momentum. It is a time-consuming process based on understanding the workings of search engine algorithms and user behavior.

Implementing Only PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) is another approach in which the product is advertised. Each time a user clicks on the given ad, the advertiser has to pay a fee. Remember, the advertisement’s placement depends on how much you bid on keywords and the quality score of the ad.

While the paid searches add up to only 10% of all the traffic generators, PPC can boost your sales if you are prepared to experiment with keywords and get a higher Return of Investment (ROI).

But if you aren’t getting the desired ROI, it’s purely a waste of money and time. Therefore, it requires specific skills and intense campaigning to implement PPC successfully.

How SEO and PPC Can Work Together?

Both tools can work very well together in the hands of experts. Note, both of them require understanding keywords and user behavior to get the desired results. So, while SEO focusses on organic activity, PPC uses paid activity to get the results.

  1. The first task of the best SEO agency is always to identify keywords. They understand that search is intent-based, and hence, they require content that includes Meta Tags and URL to be keyword optimized. A PPC activity involves using the most searched and relevant keywords to attract customers. So, each activity uses the same base to draw results.
  2. An SEO search may provide more comprehensive information to the user. On the other hand, a PPC activity takes the user directly to the required information. From the perspective of a brand or enterprise, you want to provide your customers with both options.
  3. SEO takes longer to show results in comparison to PPC. However, when you stop the SEO activity, you continue to get higher ranks for some time. This is not the case with PPC.
  4. Both SEO and PPC campaigns can be analyzed to tweak and updated the plan for a positive impact on the sales funnel.
  5. Now that you know the pros and cons of both digital marketing tools, it is evident that they balance each other perfectly. If you want to get the best results without facing the downhills of these tools, the smarter choice would be implementing both, at the same time.
  6. SEO offers sustainability, while PPC gives you a chance to create an immediate impact. Together, they make for a robust long-term strategy.

Conclusion: SEO and PPC

A combination of SEO and PPC can help an organization get and retain the top position at search engine result pages.

Not only do you get higher conversion rates and CTRs, but the authenticity of your digital property also increases.

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