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How To Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard

The laptop gathers dust and rubbish and occasionally needs cleaning to prevent it from getting damaged.


The keyboard is one of the first things you need to clean. It gathers many germs because it constantly comes in contact with the hands. At the same time, its recesses glean easily with garbage and dust.
The cleaning process is simple. First, make sure the laptop is closed. If it just has a little dust, use a compressed air spray.

You can also turn it over and shake it a little.

Then take a cotton cloth and place a special cleanser for a keyboard. Clean the keys and the spaces between them one by one. The points that do not clean with the cloth can be cleaned with cotton swabs.

If, however, you have not cleaned it for a long time, it is most likely that it has gathered a lot of rubbish and you will need to take a more time-consuming process. Best Laptop For 3D Modeling!

You must remove each button individually.

The keys on the laptop are snappy. The small ones snap into a plastic crosscut mechanism, while the big ones are in a P-shaped metallic accessory.

To remove them, you have to press one side of the thumb button and pull the other side with the pointer without much force.

Do not pull it up just because the mechanism will break and will not put the button back in place.
Before removing all of them, make a note of the location of each key so you will not be wrong when you replace them.

After removing them, you can clean them with special cleaners for a keyboard or just with water and a household cleaner.

The buttons are plastic and so will not get anything. Do not use very strong cleaners because the letters can be deleted. Allow them to soak for a while and then dry them thoroughly so that moisture does not pass through the keyboard.

Before replacing the keys, remove the dirt accumulated on the compressed air spray keypad. If you do not have a spray, you can use a vacuum cleaner at low volume.

When you finish cleaning, lock the keys again. The small keys just place them in place and push them down until you hear the click. Be careful that the crosspiece is not raised because if pressed it can break.

The large keys must first be passed over the metal accessory and then press them to snap. You can follow the same procedure for the desktop computer keyboard, but you only need to push them with a screwdriver or similar tool to remove the keys.


Screen cleaning is simpler. Make sure the laptop is closed. Take a cleansing cloth that is smooth and smooth without lint and seams. Wipe the screen with circular movements, using the dry cloth to remove most dust.

Then wet the cloth with a special cleansing liquid and run through the whole screen with circular movements. Be careful not to drop it directly on the screen but on the cloth.

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