Best Productivity Tips for Remote Teams

Working with remote teams has advantages as well as disadvantages. Talking about the advantages, it will allow you to hire people from anywhere, and thus, hiring talented and deserving people becomes easier. On the other side, it comes up with some disadvantages. Yes, you have heard it right. Managing a remote team is really difficult as everything is done virtually.

There will not be any sort of physical appearance and so, you will not be able to see what your team is actually doing. Sometimes, you can’t establish effective communication with them. In addition to these, productivity is another major concern. People who are working from home have problems with their productivity. There are several ways through which the effectiveness of remote teams can be enhanced. We have highlighted some of them below:

Track the Activities of Your Team:

When you work with a remote team, tracking the activities has become very important. If you are working remotely, there are various things that will distract you such as social networking sites, YouTube, and many more. Therefore, you should use software through which you can make connections with their computers. Thus, you will have a real-time view. On the other side, your team members will not get easily distracted as there will be psychological pressure upon them. Ultimately, productivity will be enhanced.

Get A Proper Workspace at Home:

If you are a part of a remote team, you are probably working from home. Well, working from home can be difficult for most people as it reduces productivity. People can get easily distracted and therefore if you want to enhance your effectiveness, you will have to create a proper workspace. First of all, you need a compact space with a table and chair.

After that, you will have to remove items that will distract you. Along with these, you will have to make the workspace illuminating. You can turn on the indoor lights. In such a situation, you should never rely on natural light as it will create glare on your computer screen. It is equally important to organize digital workspace for your team such as using various apps and tools that increase productivity. They should also have a clean inbox and easily navigate when replying to important messages.

Install Proper Systems:

If you don’t have a proper system, your business will definitely fall apart. If you are running your business in an office, you can skip this step as you can meet your employees in person. You can easily keep an eye on them. But, when it comes to working with remote teams, you need to follow standardized ways. You will have to arrange frequent video conferences and along with it, you will have to make the deadline stricter. Otherwise, they can use a voice messaging app to communicate fast and productively. These small moves will definitely increase the effectiveness of your team.

Talk with Your Remote Team:

Well, some people can feel isolated as well as lonely while working from home. On the other side, most people love this as they get the ultimate freedom. However, if you are an employer, you will have to talk with your employees in order to understand their requirements. If anyone in your team is suffering from any mental as well as a physical problem, you will have to fix it. Otherwise, the problem regarding productivity will not be resolved.

So, these are some productivity tips for remote teams that will help you organize the working process and achieve higher results.


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