Bank Reconciliation Error – Fix Common QuickBooks Errors

With advanced features and capabilities, QuickBooks has become the top choice of accounting experts worldwide. Along with providing general finance-based assistance, the instrument is also very useful for the purposes of bank reconciliation. While many users are able to use this excellent feature easily, others find it difficult to delete or delete statements.

In this blog, we will address all common QuickBooks bank Reconciliation Error. We will also provide separate steps for online and desktop versions to clarify things. But before we come down to a solution, we must understand the reasons for the statements of bank reconciliation. You can also get Support to dial our QuickBooks Online Support phone number.

What to do when reducing the need for bank reconciliation error?

Need to undo QuickBooks Online Bank Reconciliation for these reasons:

Date Inaccuracy – You recorded the payment on the wrong date.

A un-settled transaction – It is important that you check all transactions correctly and ensure that there are no remaining checks with the payments due.

Incorrect bank reconciliation – Perform a proper examination to ensure that they are not an unexpected bank reconciliation statement.

How to delete or undo an account

Here it is necessary to follow the following steps

  • From the left menu, select Banking Options
  • Then click on the Go to Account History / Registry option which appears just above the Action column.
  • Look for transactions that require you to reconcile.
  • On the top line, click the R option that is placed between the Amount and Deposit options.
  • Click on it to change the status of the transaction. You will be able to change the position from a BLANK position to a C which means clear.
  • Finally, click on Save and when the pop-up appears, click on it on YES.

Procedure for manually canceling reconciliation error

You can also choose a manual option if the above steps do not work for you: –

  • On your accounting software, click the Settings icon and choose Chart of accounts.
  • When the account list appears, click on the row you want to view and click the Account History button.
  • Then identify the exact account you need to make changes and change the reconciliation status by snapping on the checkbox next to it.
  • C means Clear, R means Reconciled and BLANK space means that neither option is selected.

Steps to Undo Bank Reconciliation in QuickBooks Online

  • First and foremost, you require clicking on the Setting button and click on the Reconcile option that appears below Tools.
  • Choose the bank account where you need to need the reconciliation.
  • Mouseover on the month of the reconciliation and an Undo option will appear that you need to click on.
  • A message will appear wherein you need to click on OK.
  • As soon as you do that, a success screen will display wherein you again need to click on OK.

In case various statements are reconciled one-after-another, follow these steps:-

  • You need to reconcile all the transactions at once.
  • Firstly, click on the ‘Registers’ option from the Banking menu.
  • Now, select the exact account from the drop-down menu of the Register Name.
  • Click on the transaction you wish to Un-reconcile, and erase off the “R” alphabet written right above transaction. Then change it as per your wish.

These steps will surely solve the issue in QB Online software. In case they do not help, you may have to get the QuickBooks merchant services section checked by an expert.

To Undo Reconciliation in QuickBooks Desktop

Getting QuickBooks bank reconciliation problems is more comfortable on the Desktop version than on the online version. The steps you require following are as follows: –

  • Just click on the Reconcile Now button from the Banking Tab or Screen.
  • Then just select the option that says – “Undo Last/Previous Reconciliation.”


We hope this blog helped you to fix common QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation Error. For further assistance connect with the professionals of the QuickBooks Support team via dial our toll-free number. I hope my all information is useful for all QuickBooks users.

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