An Ultimate Guide to a Successful Android Mobile App Launch

The final goal of all the efforts collected up in a mobile app development process is to make a successful launch and make it more successful by attracting more users and an increased number of downloads. However, several businesses, when launching new products or mobile apps, fail to attract potential users that, too, with increasingly fierce competition in the mobile app market. This is significantly due to a competitive market with a lot of alternatives for every problem. For businesses looking ahead to get a competitive edge, using a proper mobile app launch strategy is indispensable for paving the way to success in the app marketplace. You can follow a sound app launch strategy to get a significant impact on acquiring and retaining users. It includes extensive market research to obtain results.

To improve your chances of success, here are a few essentialsteps that need to be a part of every mobile app launch campaign. Following these can help you make and implement a strategy to increase user retention, engaged more usage from users, and lessen abandonment rates after the app launch. Besides, you should always be ready to adjust according to given circumstances and flexibly change your plan along the way, whenever needed.

Know your Audience

Knowing your audience is the first step towards developing the right mobile app launch strategy from any mobile app development company. Conduct market research and develop a thorough understanding of your audiences like interests, pain points, and demographics. Knowing what your potential audience may be looking for will save your time and money along your way. Moreover, this way, you can better understand how your product or service addresses your audiences’ pain points and fits into their needs. Extensive research about potential users will give you insight into what they like and dislike about currently available mobile apps in the market. It also gives you a prospect to make surethat your product does not follow the same mistake or develop a similar app. It is vital to reveal the underlying reasons for user’s frustrations from specific apps by analyzing their behaviors and attitudes towards a mobile app.

Market research is not only necessary for creating an app that rightly addresses a specific need, but it also helps indelivering the right message to the audience that will attract them to the product. A successful app launch strategy is firmly based on extensive user research. Every aspect of the product’s brandingmust align with its target users.  From the mobile app store listing and website messaging to social media promotions, content marketing initiatives, and every sort of visual representation need to be in alignment.

In short, if you fail to grasp a solid understanding of your audience, you cannot target your potential users with the right app launch strategy. The proper market research can ensure that a steady foundation for a successful mobile app launch strategy.

Define your Product

Statista reports that there are two million apps in the App Store, so you must offer something unique and valuable to the users to attract them and let theminstall your app. Once you’ve determined your target users, you need to define what makes your mobile app different from your competitors. The Unique Value Proposition of your app gives your app an edge over others. UVP is defined as a solid reason why your product is valuable to the customers and why they should use it. With a stack of numerous mobile apps in the market, you must let your audience know why your product has the most value for them. Your message may probablygo down the drain if you simply describe what your app does. So, simply focus on what makes it different fromother products in the market.

Define the Success Criteria

Success criteria outline the standards that your appcould be compared to assess if your app launch has been successful or not. For instance, you can set your goals around current install rates, reviews, and the average rating score. Hence, if you want to obtain and measure a project’s success, you first have to define what success means for your product.

Prepare Launch Activities

Once you’ve completed all the market research,now its time to put your focus on the successful execution of your app launch. For a start to be successful, there should be an established marketing plan in place to ensure that each step is taken and executedappropriately and promptly.you can do the following two things to increase your chances for gathering more audience for your app.

  • Promote your content
  • Identify Key Influencers

Launch Your Mobile App

When the time finally comes to submit your mobile app to the app store. You should know all the guidelines to have a seamless experience. After you submit the app, you should do the following two things:

Alert the Email List of the App Launch 

Once you submit your app to the play store, you should be spreading the word to a list of influencers, potential users, and communities to let peopleaware about your app’s release, so that they are encouraged to check your app.

Spread the Word 

Besides the email, you need to spread the word about your app release in every other possible way, make sure to stay decent. Try to grab attention from magazines, news agencies, and communities to spread the launch of your app.

The above-mentioned advice or instructions are the standards for making a successful mobile app launch, and missing or ignoring any of these may impact negatively on the success of the product. You can, however, add more efforts, suitable to your app, in particular, to make the results more promising your app launch.

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