A Complete Process For Creating An Online Catalog For Your Business

What are the characteristics for an interactive virtual product catalog in an effective dynamic form, which enhances the potential of the items?

We are not talking about a simple set of web pages in the image and likeness of paper catalogs. The product catalog can be a powerful persuasion tool. Let’s see together what are the fundamental tips for a representative catalog of the soul of your online shop.

It is essential to study and plan a product catalog designed, personalized, evocative and representative of your business. We are talking about a real interactive virtual showcase in dynamic form of your shop that can entice users to view, but above all to desire your products: it must be an inviting, irresistible showcase.

It is a management formula that allows you to modify, add and remove products from the system and to follow the progress of your virtual store in real time, 24 hours a day.

The catalog is animated by product data sheets that populate the virtual showcase providing an effective description of the items that is not limited to a description for its own sake, but aimed at a well-targeted target, imagining your ideal customer. We don’t just sell a product, but a real consumer experience made by setting up conversations with your buyers.

The product catalog allows you to diversify and make your e-commerce platform flexible by diversifying the constituent elements: the description of the item, the characteristics, the specifications, the price, benefits and advantages, the categories (colors, variants, models, sizes, angles), new arrivals, the creation of an area dedicated to new collections (brand news), promotions, unique prices, top brands, collaborations, exclusives (Limited edition), creation of an interface that can be easily and quickly updated.

An online catalog is the best way to express your product in front of your potential customers. Some people think that the process of creating an online catalog is very tough and needs technical skills and experience. Here is good news for you.

The process of making an online catalog can be very simple and easy with an online catalog creator. You only need to follow some steps which make your entire process of designing the online catalog very easy. You should follow these five steps for an interactive online catalog:

  • Set up goals

The first step in the process of making a catalog is to establish the goals that what your requirement with the online catalog is. What are the business goals that you need to complete with a catalog?

Once you fix your goals, you should know about the potential audience that you want to reach. It is necessary to create content to attract the target audience.

  • Select the online catalog creator

It is the most important step in the process of creating a digital catalog. There are so many catalog makers are present in the market today which makes your process simple by offering you various readymade templates and other features. Always choose the best online catalog creator such as FlipHTML5 which offers you a feature to add multimedia with the help of an online editor. It gets popularity as the best online catalog software that changes the normal PDF file into online content with a turning page effect. You can easily convert the templates, background, images.

  • Understand the viewers

The viewer is the most important element for the success of an online catalog. It includes the menu bar, top bar, and all various controls. It is important to understand these controls fully so you can always watch that what your audience will see and the customers will relate with the catalog. There is also an option to add extra tools like forms and pop-up menus to the catalog viewers.

  • Create your online catalog

After understanding the viewers, now you are ready to start the process of making an online catalog. You should know all the options very clearly. When you use FlipHTML5 for the creation of the online catalog, you may go for automated enrichments like links to the product unique IDs. This will help the customers to get more information about your product. There is a huge list of various enrichments are available to improve the quality of your online catalogs and make them very appealing or the audience. You must add forms to the catalog which helps the customers to fill the necessary details to get more offers and discounts. At the last step, you can make your online catalog more appealing by adding videos and pictures in it.

  • Get your catalog online

After creating your online catalog, you have to publish it online and make it available for the potential audience. You should publish your online catalog on your website and check that it is accessible to Desktops, Android phones and tablets. Then, you can share the catalog on various social media and send directly to the E-mail subscribers to enhance the audience.This can be done by updating your website with keyword-rich articles.

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