7 Best eSports Games for Mobile

The world of eSports is always changing with new advancements in playability and unique tools of the trade for wreaking havoc on opponents. Now, a rising eSports platform is taking the mobile world by storm. Many of the most popular eSports games that have traditionally been available on console or PC are now available for mobile devices. This ups the ante on gameplay, allowing players to take their favorites with them in their pockets and play wherever they find the time. Here are seven of the best eSports games for mobile to keep the action moving even when on the go.

7 Best eSports Games for Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Bringing the PC version down to handheld size puts Player Unknown Battlegrounds’ (PUBG) PUBG mobile in a guaranteed spot on any best eSports list. Choosing from either the Erangel or Miramar maps, one hundred players square off against each other by grabbing all of the loot (guns, ammo, armor) they can.

They then either take off on foot toward their target or jump in one of the many vehicles that can be found throughout the world to make travel faster. Players can utilize the Co-op feature and join one to three other players to attack opponents as a team.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a SuperCell game that draws players in and keeps them coming back for more. As a SuperCell game, this game allows players to easily earn one needed currency while having to wait out level-ups and increases to get the other. Another option for those without the patience to wait for upgrades is to purchase the necessary items and continue in action. This impressive game offers eSport battles that last less than five minutes. The game has also pulled in around one billion dollars in less than a year, making it a definite contender on this list.


Vainglory has an advantage over some of the others on the list as a cross-platform game that lets players play on their phones, tablets, PCs — anywhere and everywhere they desire. With the compatibility to also be able to play with friends, this game takes eSports to the next level. The graphics of Vainglory are vibrant and stunning, while gameplay offers over 50 heroes to choose from that make the game fit for each player.

7 Best eSports Games for Mobile


Fortnite is an Epic Games masterpiece that has players going insane for more. This third-person action and building game pits player against player in a fight to be the last man or team standing. Join with friends and make an unstoppable force by combining the strengths of all involved. Android users will want to check compatibility before trying to download, as not all are compatible with the mobile version yet.

EA Sports UFC

For fans of MMA fighting, EA Sports UFC is a must-download. You can choose from dozens of UFC fighters, strengthen your fighting skills, compete in combat mode, and earn rewards as you fight. You can even play live events tied to real UFC fights, so being updated with the latest trends and statistics can really help to improve your gameplay.

7 Best eSports Games for Mobile

Arena of Valor

Tencent Games has their own masterpiece in the eSports world with the hit Arena of Valor. This third-person game offers 3D graphics that puts players in the game or at least lets them feel like they are there. With matches taking between 12 and 18 minutes, players will find their way through the map to achieve success. This multiplayer-only game is a great way to spend some time with friends and keep the competitive edge going.


The final eSport game on this list is Blizzard’s Hearthstone. This card-collecting game is full of warcraft graphics and lore. This cross-platform game is played by utilizing a deck of cards that contains thirty cards. Each card has its strengths and weaknesses and will be used against the opponent’s cards until the hero dies.

Though there are bound to be some mistakes made in the learning process, once a player has mastered their cards, they are able to become a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Instead of leaving the gameplay at home, take it wherever life leads. With eSports games for mobile, the fun doesn’t have to stop just because life keeps moving.

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