5 Money Management Tips for the Single Parent

You have to make sure your kids get to school at the right time, do laundry, make dinner, go grocery shopping, and lastly, you will have to meet your work obligations.

Additionally, you’re working part-time as a doctor, tutor, coach, and chauffeur, with all of the financial responsibility put on your shoulders.

Managing the finances of your family effectively may not allow you to do all the fun things they enjoy, such as camping for the weekend or visiting an amusement park. That may be your biggest obligation.

Management Tips for the Single Parent

Having your children go without food, clothing, or shelter is not something any parent enjoys, which is why things can quickly become out of hand.

Yes. You may feel as though the world is pressing down on you. I, for one, know that if you implement the five strategies outlined below, you will be able to provide for your family without losing sleep over your finances. So stick to this article to get enlightened on the management tips made and researched for you.

Make a sensible budget.

You can see where your money is going when you subtract your expenses from your income.

With all this information at hand, you can reduce unnecessary spending and live within your means. Thus, achieving your financial goals will be possible.

Keeping in mind that no budget is one-size-fits-all should be one of your priorities. Consequently, you may want to experiment with different budgeting methods until you find one that works for you.

The creation of a budget will help you determine how much you owe, and with that insight, you can devise a plan for paying it off.

Eliminate debt

You must have an idea of how much money you owe after creating a budget and from there, you can come up with a plan to eliminate that debt.

Why do you need a plan? This is because debt doesn’t just put you into stress, it also puts your family’s needs and financial future in jeopardy.

Though some self-discipline and number-crunching will be taken while it’s going but you can pay your debts in some of the following ways:

  • Buying used or generic items reduces your spending rates and looking for free and fun things for your family to do such as my local zoo which have free admissions.
  • Consider the miscellaneous expenditures, such as what you spend on coffee a day, what you eat out for lunch instead of dinner, and what you use coupons for. In order to avoid unwanted charges, establish a payment plan if you can’t pay the bill on time.
  • A debt consolidation plan combines all your existing loans into one monthly payment. Using a debt consolidation plan, you can combine or consolidate all of your existing loans into a single phase for payment.
  • Make sure you handle every joint debt carefully for example, you might have shared a phone plan which can affect you later. You and your ex should get a separate plan. Your ex should transfer their portion of the balance onto their own card if you had a credit card together.
  • Cancel subscription and negotiate your bills by making use of tools like Truebill, Trim, or Billshark.

You can now chip away at your debt little by little with the savings you have from doing the above.

Just work your way down by starting with the debt with the highest interest first.

Putting the money into an emergency fund, college savings account, or your retirement account is the best when you have all of your debts taken care of.

Enhance your income and net worth.

Having eliminated all your debt, then I could say you deserve a gift for living below your means and paying off all your debts. Now, you will need to increase your income and net worth if you really want to build your personal wealth though. You should also make sure you get real pay stubs to help you figure out the best way to save and spend wisely.

Picking up a side gig that you can conveniently do from home is one way you can grow your income, for instance, you could be a virtual assistant or customer service agent and you can even put your existing skillet to work.

You can keep designing apps or websites if you know how to code, by becoming a part-time freelancer or you can even sell your homemade products on different sites.

Ask for assistance

We all know that there is tremendous financial pressure for parents in the country even if we’re sticking to a budget and being fiscally responsible.

Raising children can quickly become a financial hardship for a single parent when they are not provided with resources like universal health care, preschool and paid maternity. A single parent may need an occasional lifeline in wage stagnation and unforeseen emergencies.

Know the tax benefits

Here are also some benefits that single parent are entitled to that you may not have known:

  • FYI, you can get a credit up to 35% of your child care expenses if your child is under 13, you should be able to secure the Child and Dependent Care Credit if you do pay for childcare.
  • The Earned Income Tax Credit is also an opportunity for the single working parents with low to moderate incomes.

Be aware that only one parent can claim your child as a dependent if you share joint custody. Getting to know this will surely prevent you from IRS trouble.

Childhood Motivation For Money Management

As a single parent, motivating your child to possess the habit of saving money is not easy as it is a crucial life skill. You need to start teaching them at a very young age because it would be useful for them in the near future.


Having gone through this article, I hope you have been enlightened on the money management tips for single parents and you now know the ways you can carefully move away from debts.

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