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10 Tips for Taking Great Wedding Pictures And Videos With Your iPhone!!

Whether it is a simple wedding or unique ideas, no requirement is there to buy a digital SLR camera. The SLR camera will cost thousands of dollars for the person to click incredible photos and video clips. Instead of it, you can use the iPhone with a decent camera to get memorable wedding photographs. You are not required to carry a camera bag, lenses, or a flash.

The clicking of the good pictures is possible with the right technique. There is a feature available to convert the image to video online without any problem. Proper lighting and composition are available to click the pictures and convert videos. You can adopt the ten unique ways to take great wedding pictures and videos.

Get a closer view of the subject 

There is getting rid of the trees and power lines with iPhone pictures. Focusing on the subject is easy and straightforward for photographers. The background will blur with the right technique of clicking the wedding pictures. In some settings, relating from a low angle will cover the sky for a beautiful experience. There is no distraction for the wedding couples while clicking the pictures with the iPhone camera.

Avoid the feature of digital zoom 

If possible, then you should not use the digital zoom option. The lens of the iPhone camera is a true zoom for clicking the wedding pictures. The camera will make the size of the pixels larger. The quality of the videos and images is the best one. When you convert photo to video online, there is no reduction in the rate of the pixels. The viewers will not get any distraction with zoom in and out of the videos.

Do not overuse selfie camera for pictures  

The quality of the front camera pixels is lower in comparison to the back camera. The clicking of the images with the iPhone rear camera will offer the best quality. You should feel free while asking others to click iPhone pictures. The best quality is available for a happy couple. The primary camera will provide the best wedding shoot for the newly married couple.

Take the pictures in the softer light 

You should avoid taking the images into the brighter sun. An overexposed with shadows will create problems in the clicking of pictures. The fixation with the Photo Enhancer features will offer the benefits. There is no requirement to go to wedding studios to take photographs. It is the best option to use the iPhone camera on the wedding day.

Take the pictures in the right light 

The iPhone camera is the smaller one to click the image and video clips. You should try to shoot the videos in low light. The use of the available light is with the excellence of the iPhone camera. The shining of the smaller one is the right one to offer the advantages. The position of the subject is the right one to provide the pictures and videos shot.

Do not use iPhone flash for taking pictures 

You should not use the iPhone flash on the face of the couple. Instead of an automatic feature, manual use will offer the best and unique clicks. The flashed pictures will not create a memory of the wedding day. Tapping at the screen is the right method. You can convert image sequence to video with a single click. The noticing of the subject is excellent without the use of the flash.

Capture a scene with movement 

If a person is moving, then the capturing of the scene with movement is comfortable with the iPhone. The charging of the dancing movements before the marriage night is beneficial with the right feature. You can delete the rest of the pictures which are not of any use. The burst mode will provide the best capturing of the moving scene. The shoot is the perfect one for the wedding album.

Hold the phone horizontally to record video 

Photographers can convert image sequences to videos with the right feature. The horizontally holding of the iPhone will provide ease in recording the videos. The ending of the video is narrow and has black bars on the side screen. The shooting of the videos is with the skills and intelligence of the photographers.

Short video shooting with 10-15 second clips

The shooting of the short video with an iPhone is for 10-15 seconds. It is easier for people, and you can transfer it to the computer. The making of the Slides share with the videos is beneficial with the correct feature. The space in the iPhone is more to store short videos. There is the avoidance of running out of reach from the iPhone.

Capture the behind-the-scene movements 

If you are a bride or groom, then the capturing of the behind-the-scenes movement is possible. The availability of the guests is possible with the best mode. The memories are recorded for the lifetime of the couple. The use of the iPhone is beneficial to take photos and record video clips. The unforgettable memories are available while recording behind the scene movements.

Final words 

Remember that the pictures are telling a story about the wedding couple. There is a reflection of the emotions with the shots. The capturing of the photographs and video clips is excellent with the iPhone without any problem. For further information, you can know about the quality of the iPhone camera. The taking of the photographs and recording of the videos is the best one without professional photographers.

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