Why make a video animation?

The advantages of video telling make it possible to tell a story in video:

Attention captured from the start thanks to the comic book style

The interest retained thanks to the human impact and the movement of the illustrator who draws

The voice of the narrator is the common thread of the message, from beginning to end

The picture explains more. It illustrates and demonstrates the point

Humour, small graphic and sound effects make everything nice.

A cartoon explanatory video can be made on a small budget.

The 6 stages of the design/production of a drawn explanatory video.

The objective of the video and its final product

The video will be placed on a specific page and will aim to improve this aspect of the site or achieve a certain goal.

Marketing Tips Analysis:

Video is indeed a good way to improve the conversion of sales pages.

It can also be a very good way to simplify a message that may seem complex or anxiety-provoking (especially in B2B)

Cartoon video can be a way to give a second life to a white paper, to a study… to make it more fun and more “digestible” and more distributable on the Web.

The “hero” of your animation must be “close” to your buyer… If it is a young woman, draw a young woman, not a teenager. 

As a general rule, an animated video on a whiteboard seeks to explain a concept, a service. It allows you to get a message across quickly and helps increase the site’s conversion rate. It is therefore vital to set the goal of the video and for that, you have to write a brief that answers these questions:

What are you looking to improve as a priority?

What should the video produce?

What will be the final call to action?

Who is your target?

(Focus only on your prospects. You are not looking to make a video that “pleases” your friends or others, but to create a video that appeals to your prospects and generates leads and sales)

Writing the text, starting from the initial reality of your audience, your prospects.

The design/writing of the text is of course the vital step.Everything stems from this crucial step. A seasoned marketer will know how to write relevant and effective text. You must answer these questions;

What is the reality of your prospects?

What problems are they trying to solve?

How do your products or services help you?

What are your real differentiating factors compared to your competitors?

What do you need to convey to your prospects to get them to buy?

What are the key factors that create trust?

The text of the videos is designed to be read, without complicated words.

Imaging, Storyboard of a talented illustrator.

If you do not know how to draw, you will have to call on someone who has a good stroke of a pencil. The power of this style of video is in the drawing, so you need to have a good impact. To successfully draw in real-time, you must of course have prepared a storyboard. The text must be final before starting this step.

The aim is to illustrate the text, to demonstrate it, to make graphic metaphors and to show what is impossible to say in detail.

I advise you to create between 6 and 10 designs in all, with one message per design.

Voice over.

Any iPhone in a quiet room is enough to record good text. You have to choose a rather cheerful, warm, sympathetic voice.

Any good speaker will be able to record the text correctly. But for a Pro rendering, it is necessary to call on professional dubbing and radio advertising to make your video credible.A simple trick, to make it natural, practice saying the text, then record yourself as you say it to someone who doesn’t know it yet.

Shooting: Real-time drawing on a whiteboard

A medium-sized whiteboard will do the trick.

Lighting is very important.You must have at least 2 light sources and ideally 5, to minimize shadows and have a good whiteboard.A camera, or even an iPhone, will do the trick, fixed on a tripod.

The shooting does not require any skills, once the white and contrast adjustment is done right since the camera is fixed.

You will have to film almost an hour of drawing and then reduce your film to 1min.Be careful to leave clean images, without the hand being visible at the end of each board.

Editing: Drawing + voice + music + effect

It’s in your best interest to master Final Cut or Premiere, but iMovie may be sufficient as the editing needs are simple. It is necessary to synchronize the speed of appearance of the drawings exactly with the sentences spoken. Add some transitions and sound effects and you’re done. A little music bought for less than 20 € will boost your video.

An important tip to save time and improve effects: Cut off all unnecessary parts first.

Keep the start and end of each movement. When there is a lot of drawing, make the drawing appear in “large pieces”. It energizes the video.

Whiteboard Animation Maker

Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker is one of the best whiteboard animation maker, you can use any of the templates available in the software directly as per your requirement. You can create a lot more effective content with the help of different features available. You can choose any elements from the wide range of different elements, designs and patterns. You need not learn any kind of coding and can start with your project right away.

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