Home Business Why Collapsible Packaging for perfumes is trending in 2020?

Why Collapsible Packaging for perfumes is trending in 2020?

Collapsible Rigid Boxes are the most contemporary packaging solution for the effective protection and promotion of products. They are foldable so can be turned down flat or transformed into their functional shape whenever required. They can be shipped in flat form which causes a significant reduction in the shipping costs.

They are customizable in all shapes, sizes, and styles and can be decorated with vibrantly colored amazing graphics with numerous printing options. Embossed and debossed effects, metal foil stamping, and die-cutting can also be done to them. These luxurious boxes are capable of giving their respective brand a privileged position in the market.

Why Collapsible is the First Choice?

Collapsible Rigid Boxes are the best option if you want to offer effective storage to your products while promoting them simultaneously. Their foldable nature reduces their shipping cost significantly as they can be shipped flat. However, they can easily be assembled into their actual shape whenever required.

These luxurious boxes are extensively used by the brands when customized according to their specific requirements. They can be printed in various ways with custom designs and informational details to effectively represent the respective brand in the market. They can be adorned with embossed and debossed effects and metal foil stamping besides the die-cut windows.

Rigid Boxes are the trending packaging solution in the running year. They have changed the way how perfumes used to get packaged. Let us discover why these boxes are considered to be the most suitable for the packaging of scents and what makes them the leading trend in the perfume industry.

Extreme Protection

Perfumes are an item of delicacy and thus need an exclusive packaging that ensures their security measures to the maximum. Collapsible packaging being extremely resilient and hard-wearing proves to be the most appropriate solution for their packaging.

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They are crafted out of the most rigid cardboard that is extremely durable and remains unbendable under all pressures. The fragile bottles remain completely safe in them even in the tough shipping conditions. Magnets are attached to the foldable flaps of these boxes which further add to their security while offering a satisfying opening and closing experience to the customer.

Their security measures can be more enhanced by having additional support features in them like place holders and cushions. They can be further strengthened by having a double-layered wall structure to attain shock-absorbing features. The extraordinary support and protection they give to the perfumes make these boxes the most preferred choice of every perfumery.

Luxurious Appeal

Every product that is associated with luxury demands to be packaged in a luxurious manner and perfumes are no doubt to be one such product. These luxurious items need a presentation that stands parallel to their standard. Collapsible packaging turns out to be the ideal choice for perfumes due to its luxurious appeal. Everything about these boxes suggests elegance and glory.

Their surface feels as smooth as silk which gives the customers a feeling of magnificence while the sturdiness of these boxes speaks about their quality. Their elegance is further enhanced when stamped with the gleaming gold and silver foiling. Customers love to receive their scents in such packaging and this increases their demand to such a great extent. Not just this, collapsible gift boxes can be used to send presents to your loved ones in an alluring way.

Effective Branding:

Besides offering extreme protection and luxurious appeal to the heavenly scents, these foldable boxes also enhance the awareness about your brand. They can be printed with designs and graphics that best represent the image of a brand. The portrayal of company name, logo, and tagline on these attractive boxes provides extreme exposure to your business in the overcrowded market world.

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The extraordinary outlook of these boxes steals the attention of the beholders and remain in their memories for a long time. When inducted with transparent window panes, these see-through boxes allow the visibility of the alluring perfume bottles to the customers and influence their buying behavior massively. They can serve as a much effective promotional tool for your brand than the extra expensive advertising campaigns.


The fine quality and appeal of these boxes make them an expensive packaging solution but some ways can be opted to get them at reduced rates. A suggestion is to have them in bulk order rather than small quantities. Collapsible rigid boxes can be availed at much-reduced costs as the manufacturers offer an additional discount when they have to make a huge order of the same batch.

Not just this, you can save some additional money in the shipping costs of these foldable boxes. Wondering how is it possible? Let’s reveal the secret. This is because they can be shipped flat which significantly decreases their shipping charges. These amazing money-saving factors make the perfume suppliers prefer these boxes over the other packaging solutions.

Customers’ Choice

Collapsible boxes have become the choice of customers due to their amazing benefits. Customers do not just get attracted by their alluring outlook, but prefer them for some other reasons as well. One of the reasons is that they can reuse the collapsible storage box to store their products that need effective storage. They can be used as a storage container to keep a wide variety of products.

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The small collapsible box can be an effective solution to keep your buttons, safety pins, nails, and other miniature things safely at a single place. Their capability of being reused gives a sense of satisfaction to the clients. It lets them make the most out of their products while making them realize that their money has been utilized to the maximum so it was worth spending. Collapsible boxes perfectly serve all the purposes that are expected out of the packaging. They are remarkable in terms of their visual appeal and cost-effectiveness.

Customers highly prefer receiving their luxurious perfumes in these elegant boxes. Custom printed foldable boxes have proven to be the most effective branding tool for the perfumeries. All of these benefits are good enough to make them a leading trend in the packaging of perfumes in the latest year.

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